Ben Higgins’ ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere Recap: Who Got Roses And Who Got Sent Home

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ben higgins the bachelor premiere

By Michael Lewittes |

ben higgins the bachelor premiere


The Bachelor” Season 20 premiered on Monday with Ben Higgins searching for love and meeting the 26 ladies vying for his heart. Higgins, who was sent home by last season’s “Bachelorette” Kaityln Bristowe and said he thought he was “unlovable,” returned to the reality franchise hoping to find the love of his life. But first, the show opened with Higgins in his small town of Warsaw, Indiana.

He talked about how he prizes his “small town values,” and growing up in Indiana, which is basketball country. Next, Higgins is seen playing basketball in a driveway, and then driving around Warsaw, where he pointed out his middle school and the movie theater where he kissed a girl for the first time. Higgins then admitted she dumped him that night, and he was “crushed.”

After seeing videos and photos of Higgins as a child and finding out he was his high school football team’s quarterback, we meet his folks in the backyard of their home, where they all talked about love. Before heading off on his adventure, Higgins and his folks made a toast to “love.”

Higgins then drove to the mansion in Calfornia, where he was greeted by past “Bachelors” Jason Mesnick, Chris Soules, and Sean Lowe, who actually married the woman he chose in Season 17. They each imparted their advice about how to handle being “The Bachelor.”

Before the limo entrances of the contestants at the mansion, we’re introduced to Lauren B., Caila, Jubilee, Mandi, twin sisters Emily and Haley, Amanda, Tiara, and Samantha. Lauren B., a 25-year-old flight attendant from Portland, is seen enjoying beach life. Next, we learn Caila, a 23-year-old software sales rep, lives in Boston and met her last boyfriend on a plane. She said she was into Higgins when watching him on “The Bachelorette,” and decided she then had to dump her boyfriend. Jubilee, who joined the Army at 18 and served in Afghanistan, said, “I’m on a mission to win Ben’s heart. There will probably be some casualties, but all is fair in love and war.”

After her, we meet Mandi, a 28-year-old dentist, who had a patient in her chair while she discussed “The Bachelor.” She exclaimed that she’s “weird.” Then we’re introduced to 22-year-old twins, Emily and Haley from Las Vegas. We naturally see them riding a two-seat tandem bike and finishing each other’s sentences. They noted how they’re a “whole lot of double trouble.”

Also vying for Higgins’ heart is 25-year-old Amanda, who works for a skin care company in Orange Country. She’s divorced with two little girls, one of whom responded to her mom’s question of who Prince Charming is by simply stating, “Ben.” There’s also Tiara, a 27-year-old “chicken enthusiast,” who’s surrounded by her feather friends when we meet her. Tiara said her chickens are her “babies” and even brushed one of their “teeth.” She had five framed photos, four of which featured chickens, with the fifth of Higgins. And finally there’s Samantha, a 26-year-old law school graduate. She talked about how her father died of ALS when she was just 13.

Then, it was time for Higgins to stand in the driveway of the mansion and talk with hist Chris Harrison. When Harrison questioned whether at 26 he’s too young to settle down, “The Bachelor” said, “Definitely not,” adding, “I’m ready to find my wife.” And with that, we meet the women, who included four Laurens and a Laura.

First out of the limo was Lauren B. The flight attendant brought him a pair of wings, and said, “Let’s take off on this journey together.” She was followed by Caila, who jumped up and he caught her. There was Jennifer, a small business owner, who forgot to say her name, and Jami from Canada, who told him she knew Kaitlyn Bristowe and compared notes.

Samantha, the new lawyer, said she just passed the bar exam before asking if he wears “boxers or legal briefs.” We also met Jubilee, Amanda, and Lace, a real estate agent, who told Higgins to close his eyes, and then kissed him. “I wanted the first kiss,” she explained.

Lauren R., a math teacher, admitted to stalking him on social media, but weirdly never told “The Bachelor” her name. And Shushanna met Higgins and only spoke to him in Russian (which he doesn’t understand). Leah came out of the limo, bent over, and hiked a football, just so she could tell him, “I knew you were a catch.”

But that wasn’t all. Joelle (“JoJo”) emerged form the limo in a unicorn head. There was also Lauren H., a kindergarten teacher, Laura, and Mandi the dentist, who came out with a huge rose-looking hat. The twins Emily and Haley shocked Higgins, but not as much as Maegan, who brought a real-life mini horse.

Breanne said she doesn’t believe in gluten, and so she “broke bread” literally by smashing baguettes on the ground in front of Higgins. She was followed by Isabel, who wore a onesie because “The Bachelor” apparently is her “One-sie.”

After that, Rachel arrived on a hoverboard, then Jessica, Tiara, and Lauren Barr (“LB”). After them was Jackie, who got out of the limo and handed Higgins an invite to their wedding, and Olivia, a news anchor who quit her job to meet Higgins.

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Drama started from the beginning when Mandi interrupted Higgins’ welcome speech and asked to talk to him privately. The dentist then examined his mouth, with the instruments she brought, and told him he needs to floss before they can make out. During a private moment, Olivia, the news anchor, told “The Bachelor” her life was good, but left her job because she thought her life with him would be better.

During a brief one-on-one, Caila tried to find common ground with Higgins by telling him they’re both in software sales. Meanwhile, “JoJo” had “The Bachelor” play a game in which she had things drawn on flashcards and made him guess what each meant, including that she was from Dallas, based on a picture of horns.

More drama developed when Amber and Becca, who were on Chris Soules’ season, got out of the limo. They both told Harrison in the driveway that they wanted second chances. Suffice to say, when they entered the mansion the other women were not overjoyed by the “Bachelor” veterans.

Throughout the night, Lace got drunker and drunker. She even interrupted Jubilee, who was talking to Higgins. Later, “The Bachelor” told Laci that he thought she “beautiful,” but wanted to get to know her more before kissing again.

At one point, Higgins said of Lauren B. that she “takes my breath away,” but she didn’t get the first impression rose. That went to Olivia, the former TV anchor. He told Olivia he thought it was “incredible” that she gave up so much to meet him.

But not all 26 of women got roses. In fact, seven contestant were sent home on the first night, and they were Breanne, Isabel, Jessica, Laura, Lauren R., Maegan and Tiara.


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