Tess Boyer: “I’m NOT Missing!” (VIDEO)

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Tess Boyer Missing

By Michael Lewittes |

Tess Boyer Missing

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Tess Boyer, the former contestant on “The Voice,” whose friends got the phrase “#FindTessBoyer” to trend on Tuesday after she stopped returning calls, showing up to college, and removed her social media accounts, has surfaced again in a video to assure everyone she’s okay and to explain her absence. In a 58-second video the singer made on Tuesday, she says she took a break from the outside world to reconnect with God (video below).

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, her father Pastor Roy Boyer told us exclusively that she’s “fine” and “not missing,” despite her friends’ concerns. One of Boyer’s pals, Siri Palm, even reached out to Gossip Cop to say that if there was confirmation she was okay, they promise to “respectfully not interfere” anymore with the Boyer family.

Late on Tuesday, after Gossip Cop passed on that message to Pastor Boyer, the one-time “Voice” contestant posted a video on YouTube. Sitting in her home, Boyer said, “I just wanted to let everybody know I’m completely fine. I’m very safe. I’m not missing.” She went on to note, “I took a break from social media and from my phone and from different events in my life to completely clean out everything and to get back to where God’s purpose for me is and to get back to the root of what His purpose, destiny and calling is in my life.” Boyer added, “That’s why I sacrificed everything, so I can find out who that is and who He has called me to be.” Boyer concluded, “Stop hashtagging #TessBoyer because I’m here, but hashtag #FindYourself. Thanks.”

Gossip Cop hopes this alleviates the fears of Boyer’s friends, who said they have been “working with lawyers” and the police to get more information about the young woman. Check out Boyer’s video below, and share your thoughts with us.


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