Terrence Howard Not Almost Fired From “Empire,” Despite Claim

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Terrence Howard Not Fired empire

By Shari Weiss |

Terrence Howard Not Fired empire

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Terrence Howard was never getting fired from “Empire,” according to the head of Fox. Gossip Cop can help clear up the rumors.

Last month, Howard was sued by his former management company, which claimed the actor stiffed them to the tune of $250,000. In the lawsuit, the managers alleged that the star was in danger of losing his starring gig on “Empire,” until they saved him from being fired, a claim that was picked up by a number of outlets. But now Dana Waldman, the CEO and chairman of Fox, says Howard’s job was never in jeopardy.

In fact, the exec insists it’s just the opposite. She tells Entertainment Weekly.“We have an extraordinary relationship with Terrence and there has never been a time where we have had conversations about firing him or doing the show without him. He is a meaningful and critical element of the show.”

Walden further says, “There’s candidly never been a conversation about getting rid of Terrence. To the contrary, there are conversations about how much he means to the show.” And Howard will be front and center when “Empire” returns with season 3 later this month.

Indeed, all of the Lyon family members are returning, including Trai Byers, who denied he was quitting earlier this year. For the recent EW cover story on the series, Byers and creator Lee Daniels both acknowledged behind-the-scenes issues with some cast members. But it seems like a lot of that has been blown out of proportion.

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