Teresa Giuidice “Not Taking” Joe Giudice’s Calls From Prison?

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Teresa Giudice Not Taking Joe Calls

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Teresa Giudice Not Taking Joe Calls

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Is Teresa Guidice “not taking” husband Joe Giudice’s calls from prison? A lawyer for the “Real Housewives” star tells Gossip Cop that a tabloid story about verbal abuse, divorce and a breakdown in communication isn’t true.

The claims are featured both in the print edition of In Touch, under the headline “Teresa Won’t Answer Joe’s Calls,” and on its website, which blares, “Teresa Giudice Not Taking Joe’s ‘Verbally Abusive’ Calls From Prison.” In both versions, a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Joe has been more and more verbally abusive to Teresa over the phone. He’s been angrily calling Teresa at home, but she’s been dodging his calls.”

“She has said, ‘Enough is enough. I don’t need to put up with this,’” the tabloid’s supposed source continues, claiming, “All Joe ever does is bring Teresa down and complain about how miserable he is in prison.” The gossip magazine’s alleged snitch makes a point of saying Teresa wasn’t mean to him when she was the one talking from behind bars. “If she had lost her [expletive] on Joe at any point while she was in prison, she knew there would be a risk that he would go off the rails and stop taking her calls. So she had to remain positive and upbeat the entire time,” contends the publication’s purported tipster.

Now, maintains the outlet, Teresa is “starting to realize she’s better off on her own.” The “insider” asserts, “Joe was so controlling; Teresa feels free with him in prison,” and even declares, “Teresa will file for divorce from Joe before he gets out of prison.” As Gossip Cop previously reported, In Touch also claimed last month that Teresa was “done” with Joe. In that article, the tabloid tried to use one of the reality star’s quotes, about being unable to predict the future, as evidence that she’s not committed to staying with her husband once he’s released from prison.

That same twisted tactic is used again in this new story tied to the supposedly “abusive” calls. But as Teresa’s lawyer, James Leonard Jr., told Gossip Cop just a few weeks ago, “She is standing by Joe and looking forward to him coming home so they can be a family again.” That hasn’t changed. So this is now two instances of the magazine falsely claiming the Giudices are divorcing. Furthermore, Teresa has spoken about visiting Joe in prison, even exclaiming in a recent interview, “I cannot wait for him to come home.” So why, then, would she be “dodging” his calls? She isn’t, according to Leonard. The attorney exclusively tells Gossip Cop the new claims are “absolutely not true.”