Teresa Giudice Did Not Ask For “Weekend Pass” Out Of Prison, Despite Report

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Teresa Giudice Weekend Pass

By Michael Lewittes |

Teresa Giudice Weekend Pass

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Teresa Giudice did not try to get a “weekend pass” out of prison, despite a new, highly inaccurate report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. Guidice’s lawyer tells Gossip Cop the story is “1000 percent not true.”

According to RadarOnline, “Teresa inquired about obtaining a weekend pass to go visit her ailing parents, but dropped the plan after being told she’d need to provide proof of their poor health.” The webloid quotes one of its so-called sources as saying Giudice wanted to visit her dad, who’s in “poor health,” but once she was told there “would need to be documentation from her father’s doctor outlining his current health condition,” she abandoned her plan for a weekend furlough.

To add more spice to its (factually inaccurate) report, the webloid’s supposed “insider” then claims Giudice told other inmates the weekend pass was really a scam for her to “just go shopping with her mom at the local mall.”

As a reminder: Gossip Cop previously busted RadarOnline when it wrongly reported Giudice was filming a Christmas special before going to prison. That was completely fabricated, as were a slew of other stories, including a recent claim that she’s going to join “Dancing With The Stars” when she’s done serving time.

Of course, the most egregious mistake that Gossip Cop corrected the webloid for was its December 2014 exclusive about “federal agents” having “raided” Giudice’s home and seizing her and her husband’s property. A number of lemming-like outlets simply regurgitated the phony story but, as Gossip Cop was first to report, it never happened.

Similarly, Giudice never asked for a weekend furlough to visit her ailing dad, and most especially did not hope to get out of prison to go on a public shopping spree with her mom. Giudice’s lawyer tells Gossip Cop exclusively the webloid’s whole report is “1000 percent not true.”

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Teresa Giudice asked for a weekend pass out of prison.


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