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Teresa Giudice is not filming a "spinoff special" about husband Joe Giudice possibly being deported, despite a new claim. This allegation comes from a site that has peddled a lot of misinformation about the couple over the years. Now a lawyer for Teresa tells Gossip Cop this latest narrative is untrue, too.

As widely reported, Joe is currently behind bars for fraud offenses. It was known as far back as 2014 that Joe could be deported back to Italy upon completing his sentence, since he is not a U.S. citizen and plead guilty to crimes that fall under moral turpitude. Last month, it was denied by the family's attorney that a decision has already been made to deport Joe even before he finishes serving his time.

Now according to RadarOnline, Teresa is "cashing in on hubby Juicy Joe's deportation crisis" by "getting a whopping $500,000 to film about the situation." The site, which maintains he "could be kicked out of the country at any time after a judge ruled his deportation process could proceed," alleges Teresa is "going to showcase the scandal on television." But it's claimed the footage won't be used for the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," which was renewed earlier this year.

Rather, a so-called "insider" contends, "Teresa was offered big bucks to film a special about Joe's deportation and she agreed to do it." The untraceable source puts the figure at "half a million dollars to share the story on camera." Insists the blog's tipster, "It is going to be like the other specials when she was in prison and will show how she and Joe and [their daughters] are handling the scary prospect of Joe getting deported."

It is true that in 2015 Bravo aired a three-part special about how the Giudice family was coping while Teresa served her own prison stint. In 2016, however, TMZ confirmed that there weren't any specials in the works for Joe's time in lock-up. That reporting was accurate; Teresa has continued to appear on "RHONJ," but there haven't been any additional specials or spinoffs.

And her lawyer, James Leonard, tells Gossip Cop she isn't planning to do one now about Joe's potential deportation. "Whoever comes up with these fake stories should leave RadarOnline and start writing fiction," he says, cracking, "There's got to be more money in it." Indeed, the outlet has been caught peddling fake news about the Giudices multiple times over the years, particularly on the topic of Bravo filming.

Almost four years ago, for example, the online publication claimed Teresa was shooting a Christmas special as a "goodbye to her fans" before she entered prison. Gossip Cop busted that story at the time with the help of a network spokesperson, and no holiday special ever aired. Around the same time, another article from the website alleged Teresa was already filming a seventh season of "RHONJ" before she had to turn herself in. That, too, was untrue, just as Gossip Cop said in 2014. Season 7 of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" wasn't announced until 2016.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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