Teresa Giudice Prison Photo From Family Visit: Joe Says, “I Cry More Than The Girls”

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Teresa Giudice Prison Picture

By Daniel Gates |

Teresa Giudice Prison Picture

(Us Weekly)

Teresa Giudice’s prison visits from her family are the subject of the new Us Weekly cover story. Her husband Joe tells the outlet, “It feels good to see her. She comes out with her smile, with a little wave.” The former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star has been locked up since January after being convicted of fraud, and her high-profile incarceration has led to months’ worth of sensational headlines. What’s life really been like behind bars?

According to the story, the family visits typically last for six hours, nearly every weekend. Giudice helps her daughters with their homework. Everyone’s allowed to hug and kiss at the beginning and end of the trips. And Joe is understandably distraught, explaining, “I cry more than the girls. I pretty much cry every time I leave. Like a little baby.”

When her family is not there, Giudice exercises three times a day, works in the prison kitchen, prays at the chapel, and writes her memoir. She has a small group of prison friends, with whom she watches television. Us Weekly says she’s more or less given space and not asked about her pre-prison fame.

Joe, meanwhile, is raising their four daughters, the youngest of whom, 5-year-old Audriana, thinks Teresa is away at work. Teresa frequently emails instructions to Joe about household matters. Joe himself will be entering prison in 2016, following his wife’s release.

“I miss Joe and my girls terribly, but we are going to get through this as a family one day at a time,” Teresa tells the magazine. “We will be stronger because of this. Nothing can break us apart.” On the home front, Joe is doing his best to stay strong, explaining, “You got no choice. Either you’re a rock or Play-Doh. You be a rock.”


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