Teresa Giudice Did NOT “Lawyer Up” To Divorce Joe Giudice, Despite Claim

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Teresa Giudice Lawyer Divorce

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Teresa Giudice Lawyer Divorce

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Teresa Giudice did not “lawyer up” to divorce Joe Giudice, despite a claim coming from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk the report. Though Joe is still behind bars, she remains committed to him and their marriage.

But the current edition of Star features a headline blaring, “Teresa Lawyers Up!” The gossip magazine claims the reality star is “breaking out of her own personal prison” as the “first thing” she did upon returning from a recent vacation was “consult” with a divorce attorney. The allegation is based off an Instagram photo Teresa posted of herself dining with a friend who happens to be a matrimony lawyer. Consequently, the outlet contends, “Teresa is taking steps to divorce Joe.”

“Teresa is ready to move on. She’s not even trying to hide it anymore,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. The publication goes on to repeat its busted claims about Teresa having an inappropriate relationship with another attorney, with its supposed snitch maintaining, “Teresa loves Joe but she isn’t in love with him — there’s a difference.” This alleged tipster adds, “No one would be surprised if she files for divorce soon.”

What’s actually not surprising is that Star went this route. After last month using an Instagram photo to wrongly allege Teresa was having “secret hookups,” the tabloid is now using a post on the platform to falsely claim she’s preparing for a divorce. But to mislead readers, the magazine has left out critical information, namely that Teresa already explained what’s going on last week.

Discussing the snapshot in question on “Watch What Happens Live,” Teresa said she was actually trying to promote her pal’s legal services. She complained about the wrong assumptions that the meeting was about a divorce for herself, exclaiming, “Everybody always thinks the worst.” The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star then confirmed that, “bottom line,” she is not divorcing Joe.

None of this is mentioned in the publication’s article. The omission shows that tabloid is more interested in the sensational than the truth. Of course, this is the same magazine that made-up a story about Teresa being pregnant in 2016, so it’s long been known that Star often favors fiction over fact.