Teresa Giudice NOT Having “Secret Hookups” With Defense Attorney, Despite Report

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Teresa Giudice Attorney Hooking Up

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Teresa Giudice Attorney Hooking Up

(Teresa Giudice/Instagram)

Teresa Giudice is not having “secret hookups” with a defense attorney, despite a report. Gossip Cop is exclusively told that this story, which comes from the tabloids, is “more fake news.”

Star is announcing in its current edition, “With her husband locked up, Teresa Giudice is loving life without him, and it’s all because of her beefy new beau.” It’s specifically alleged the “Real Housewives” star is “seriously smitten” with New York defense attorney Francois “Franky” Annabi, “and the romance is heating up fast.” According to the gossip magazine, the pair met through his sister, who was a “cellmate” of Giudice’s while she was imprisoned.

“Teresa’s new guy is a successful, good-looking lawyer,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. “She has showered him with pricey presents, including a flashy gold Rolex watch, and is just crazy about him. And he feels the same way.” As evidence that they’ve been “cozying up a lot,” the outlet points to photos of Giudice and Annabi on Instagram, with the supposed source commenting, “She’s all over his Instagram. It’s shocking how public they’ve been.”

Yet no reliable, reputable or trustworthy publication has similarly jumped to the conclusion that the pair are in a secret romance behind Joe Giudice’s back. It seems the tabloid just wanted to create a scandalous narrative. The alleged tipster even acknowledges that, although “none of their friends would be surprised if she divorced” her jailed husband, “as for her relationship with Franky, it’s anybody’s guess where that’s going.” How inside can this “insider” be if he or she isn’t aware it isn’t going anywhere?

Giudice and Annabi are not engaged in a “relationship,” but a friendship. And he’s not the only male pal with whom the reality star spends time. Apparently the tabloid is unaware that men and women really can just be friends. Giudice’s lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., even tells Gossip Cop that this “hooking up” story is just “more fake news” about his client. In fact, Star fails to mention that Annabi has a girlfriend. Of course, the magazine has a documented history of publishing falsehoods instead of the truth.

Most notably, the outlet falsely claimed Giudice was three months pregnant in April 2016. Time proved that, just as Gossip Cop said, she was not expecting. Now we’re confident time will show we’re right here, too. In fact, Giudice later explained on “Watch What Happens Live” that her dinner with Annabi was friendly, and noted that her friend Melissa Gorga had accompanied them.

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