Teresa And Joe Giudice “Divorce” Cover Story NOT True

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By Gossip Cop Staff |

Teresa Giuidice Divorce

(Us Weekly)

A tabloid cover story claiming Teresa Giudice may divorce Joe Giudice is “1,000 percent untrue,” her lawyer tells Gossip Cop. We can exclusively set the record straight.

The new cover of Us Weekly is falsely announcing, “Teresa & Joe Divorce!” Inside the issue, an equally dramatic but equally wrong headline blares, “Teresa Done With Joe!” The tabloid inaccurately contends, “Fed up with her incarcerated husband’s behavior, sources say the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star is considering leaving.” Of course, “considering leaving” is significantly less definitive than the “divorce” and “done” declarations. Still, it’s just as erroneous.

The article does stem from a true premise: While Joe is imprisoned, Teresa has successfully managed holding down the home front, raising their daughters and enjoying the summer without him. But then the gossip magazine asserts, “His vacancy may be permanent,” and “Teresa is thinking about leaving” him.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “The marriage may be over… She’s learned that she doesn’t need Joe.” This supposed snitch goes on to allege to the outlet, “She’s loving her independence. She’s told me, ‘I can do this on my own. I don’t need Joe — or anyone.'”

This “source” adds, “With Joe away, Teresa has seen for the first time she can make it without him.” In addition to Teresa supposedly wanting her freedom, the publication contends she has tired of “rumors of infidelity,” which she’s allegedly “starting to believe.” Maintains the tabloid, “Overlooking Joe’s flaws became more challenging after his actions landed her behind bars.” And a purported “insider” further claims, “Teresa used to cater to Joe’s every need, but she doesn’t have it in her now.”

These contentions come less than three months after Us Weekly did a hit piece that alleged Teresa was “cheating on Joe.” Her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., strongly denied those allegations, and now he’s firing back at the tabloid for publishing another false cover story. “The story is 1,000 percent untrue,” the attorney tells Gossip Cop exclusively. “Teresa and Joe are not getting divorced. This same story has been written dozens of times over the last eight years and they haven’t been right yet. This is no different.” Indeed, Gossip Cop busted OK! more than a year ago when it similarly claimed Teresa was dumping Joe while he’s in prison. That assertion was wrong then and remains wrong today.

In addition, Teresa also tweeted on Wednesday, “I must be getting old. I actually remember when @usweekly was considered a credible entertainment news source #Oldnews #fakenews #nonews.”