Ted Cruz Jimmy Fallon Video: Watch “Tonight Show” Interview Here!

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Ted Cruz Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Video

By Michael Lewittes |

(Getty Images via NBC)

Ted Cruz on Thursday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and talked about Donald Trump, his family, and being a “master debater.” One thing the presidential candidate did not discuss was whether he would support Trump, if he were the GOP’s nominee. Watch the video below.

The interview began with Fallon reading from Cruz’s high school yearbook, in which he wrote that he “hopes to attend Princeton University… attend law school (possibly Harvard)… achieve a successful law practice… run for and win President of the United States.” Fallon joked that he was happy Cruz didn’t say his goals were to be the host of the “Tonight Show.” The Republican candidate said, in retrospect, he wish he had expressed interest in being the “starting point guard for the Lakers.” Cruz added that Trump’s goal was to “make every late-night comic really rich.”

Fallon then cracked, “When did you become a ‘master debater’? Was it high school? College?” But Cruz didn’t take the bait. “You know Jimmy, I’m not gonna touch that.” After that, Cruz noted how grueling it can be on the campaign trail. He said that while he’s exhausted, he’s still having “more fun than I ever had.” “I probably have a screw loose,” added Cruz.

Cruz also discussed how it’s been “tough” being on the road. He said he wife Heidi is stumping for him, and his daughters were initially at home. Cruz pointed out that it was his daughter Caroline’s eight birthday on Thursday, and revealed that his wife is the “tough one” and he’s a “pushover.”

Fallon then brought up how he the “New York primary is not looking too good for you.” “Thank you for bringing it up,” replied Cruz. He acknowledged that Trump was going to “do well” in New York, and that they’re “likely heading to a contested convention in Cleveland,” where he believes he’ll get the nomination and then go on to beat Hillary Clinton. Fallon next asked, “If it happens to be Trump, will you support the nominee?” Cruz responded that he’s “working very, very hard not to have to answer that question.”

Next, Cruz talked about how “Republicans [are] coming together behind our campaign.” At the end of the interview, Cruz touched on how many people are out of work. “What we’re doing isn’t working, and what we have to do to win in November,” Cruz told the talk show host.

Earlier in the show, Cruz did a sketch in which he took a call from “Donald Trump,” played by Fallon, who told his opponent he’s been on the “Tonight Show” a lot, and was willing to offer him some tips before appearing on it. After Cruz said that it was a “generous offer, Donald. I appreciate you being the bigger man,” Trump said, “Oh, I’m the bigger man with the bigger hands. And the bigger… You can’t see me, but I am pointing at my Trump Tower.”

When Cruz said the U.S. needs to deal with the immigration problem “once and for all,” Trump repeated, “Once and for wall.” And when questioned what he meant by “New York values,” Cruz hammed it up for the “Tonight Show” crowd and said, “I love New York City. It is the greatest city in the world with the best-looking audience in the world.”

Check out the video below of Ted Cruz’s sketch and interview with Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show.”


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