WATCH: Amanda Seyfried Smokes A Bong In Ted 2 Red Band Trailer (VIDEO)

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By James Crugnale |

(Universal Pictures)

(Universal Pictures)

The Ted 2 red band trailer was released on Monday, and in it John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted (Seth MacFarlane) scheme to help the foul-mouthed teddy bear have a baby and prove in court that he’s real. Helping them along are Tom Brady and Amanda Seyfried, who plays Ted’s pot-smoking lawyer. See the trailer below.

In the trailer for the raunchy comedy, Wahlberg and Ted can first be seen toking up and watching Law and Order when the stuffed animal drops the big news that he and his wife want to have a baby. John congratulates him, but is unsure about how he will actually help conceive the baby. “That’s the thing,” laments Ted. “We have to find a sperm donor.”

Ted convinces John that Tom Brady is the perfect father. “That would be a sweet *ss f*cking baby!” remarks John, who joins Ted in breaking into the New England Patriots quarterback’s home to try to steal his sperm while he’s asleep. Brady, naturally, catches them and mayhem ensues.

Later, Ted and his wife find out the government doesn’t consider him to be a real person, and so he must prove his legitimacy in court. John and Ted aren’t convinced about his new lawyer Amanda Seyfried’s credentials until she lights up a bong. They then trust her implicitly. Seyfried’s character says she smokes marijuana medicinally for migraines, to which Ted replies, “I’m about to get a huge migraine in the parking lot in about 20 minutes!'”

Watch the red-band trailer below, and tell us what you think.


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