Taylor Swift Spends Wedding Night With Newlywed Strangers After Her Philadelphia Concert

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Taylor Swift married couple concert

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift married couple concert


Taylor Swift spent an hour on Friday after her concert in Philadelphia with a couple of strangers named Katy Harris and Chris Eisenmann, who got married in the parking lot of the Lincoln Financial Field, where the singer had a concert. Harris, a fan of Swift’s for nearly a decade, and Eisenmann wed in front of family members and friends (and a lot more people parking their cars) before the concert. After they exchanged vows, Harris, still in her white wedding gown, and Eisenmann headed into the show. Naturally, Swift got wind of the newlyweds and invited them backstage after her performance.

Harris shared on Instagram a little of the backstory, noting that she and Eisenmann, who are from New Jersey, had tickets to Friday’s concert and what was “a joke about wearing my gown to the concert turned into us driving to Philly to get a marriage license and planning a ceremony outside of Lincoln Financial Field right before walking into the concert in our tux and gown!” She further explained that she’s been “obsessed” with Swift for years, and Eisenmann has been so understanding and supportive that he can now “put most girls to shame” with his ability to repeat the lyrics to all her song. Harris concluded by saying that she couldn’t imagine a “better or more fitting way for us to celebrate” their wedding.

After meeting Swift and taking some photos with her idol, Harris again posted on Instagram that the whole evening was a “dream sequence,” with getting married to Eisenmann and meeting her “new friend Taylor!” She added along with some hashtags, “My two dreams came true!!! @taylorswift #1989tourphilly #hitchedattswift #bestnightofmylife.”

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