Life & Style Wrongly Claimed Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Planning “Summer Wedding”

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Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Summer Wedding

By Andrew Shuster |

Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Kissing

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris publicly revealed their split on Wednesday, mere hours after Life & Style published an absurdly wrong report claiming the former couple was planning a “summer wedding.” Unfortunately for the tabloid, the timing of its made-up story was embarrassingly off.

Harris was recently involved in a car accident that led to minor injuries, and according to the magazine’s so-called “source,” the situation “made them see that life is too short to wait around. They both want to get married as soon as possible, so they’re quickly planning a summer wedding.” Whoops.

The tabloid then goes on to claim to have details of this nonexistent ceremony, saying the supposed nuptials will take place at a remote castle in Scotland. “They want to have a three-day-long, Coachella-style part for all their friends and family from all over the world,” says the outlet’s seemingly phony source. “There will be celebrity performers, fireworks and a whole bunch of surprises.” Whoops.

The publication even names the specific jeweler and designer who will make Swift’s “engagement ring” and “wedding dress,” respectively. The tabloid’s alleged insider further claims, “Taylor can’t imagine life without Calvin, and he feels the same way.” Whoops.

Of course, the magazine’s entire report is so very wrong. In fact, we recently debunked Life & Style’s sister publication, In Touch, for falsely claiming that Swift and Harris were having “two weddings,” one “over-the-top” party in the U.K., and another in “either Nashville or L.A. that will be a little more subdued.” Naturally, recent events have proved that these reports were entirely fabricated.


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