False Claim: Taylor Swift Wears ‘Disguises’ At Clubs To Hide Bad Girl Behavior

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Taylor Swift Wearing Disguises

By Daniel Gates |

Taylor Swift Wearing Disguises

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Taylor Swift is not relying “on a series of elaborate disguises to avoid being recognized during nights out,” despite an OK! report claiming the pop star has been going incognito to protect her good girl image. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to the tabloid’s source, “Taylor surrounds herself with people she trusts, and they’re helping her come up with really inventive looks. She’s got an enormous wig collection, so she’ll use one of those and dress down in baggy clothes. Once she’s at the club, though, she heads to the bathroom to change into something sexier.”

Um… why is she supposedly doing this? “Taylor loves taking photos with fans, but she knows that after a few drinks she gets awkward and doesn’t look her best,” explains the OK! source. The tabloid’s insider adds, “The last thing she wants is some embarrassing pic of her looking bleary-eyed to go viral.”

Isn’t it a little weird that the only people who think Swift wears elaborate costumes to conceal her identity are the same people who once claimed she was letting her cats pick her next boyfriend? Because that’s something else OK! tried to get everyone to believe. Manufacturing absurd stories about Swift seems to be an OK! specialty. This is the same outlet that’s run fake romance rumors and booty enhancement stories about the singer.

In the fantasy land OK! inhabits, one of the world’s most famous women regularly wears crazy disguises because she’s partying so hard, except no one has noticed… except for OK! Please. “That is the most ridiculous and bizarre rumor we’ve heard this week…so far,” a spokesperson for Swift tells Gossip Cop exclusively.


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