Taylor Swift “Wardrobe Malfunction” Is Clickbait (VIDEO)

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Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction Video

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction Video

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Taylor Swift did NOT have a “wardrobe malfunction” in New York City on Thursday, despite a clickbait story from a certain tabloid. See the non-embarrassing video below.

“Frontal Wedgie? Taylor Swift Yanks At Her Micro-Shorts During ANOTHER Lonely Workout Without Tom Hiddleston,” reads the headline of a piece on the Star magazine website. The article, which has “wardrobe malfunction” right in its URL, states, “Taylor Swift struggled with her short-shorts while heading into the gym August 11. She has still not been reunited with her boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, since he was seen packing up his things and leaving her California home.”

And so, the outlet asks, “Will they ever reunite?” But here’s Gossip Cop’s question: Where’s the “wardrobe malfunction” and “frontal wedgie”? Answer: There wasn’t any. As the paparazzi footage of Swift clearly shows, she exits her car and ever so slightly touches her gym shorts. There was nothing exposed. She didn’t make a massive adjustment. It really couldn’t have been any more uneventful.

Not to mention, Swift going to the gym has nothing to do with Hiddleston, and the tabloid has no basis for deeming her workout a “lonely” one. The publication merely wanted to be sensational by linking a rather ordinary outing to her love life. It was only made even worse by manufacturing a “wardrobe malfunction” to go along with it to make it really clickbait-y. For the record, Gossip Cop is only sharing the below video of Swift to show that Star really created a non-story.


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