Taylor Swift: I Ask Kanye West How His Daughter North Is Doing (VIDEO)

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Taylor Swift Vanity Fair September 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Vanity Fair September 2015

(Vanity Fair)

Taylor Swift graces the coveted September cover of Vanity Fair, opening up about making peace with Kanye West, taking on Apple, and forming a “sisterhood” with her celebrity pals.

For the magazine’s annual Style issue, the cover calls Swift “captain of the #girlsquad and the most influential 25-year-old in America.” And, playing off her well-publicized battle with Apple Music, Vanity Fair announces “the world is her apple.” But Swift reveals she almost didn’t publish her now-famous open letter.

“My fears were that I would be looked at as someone who just whines and rants about this thing that no one else is really ranting about,” she confesses. After writing it at 4 a.m. one morning, Swift read the missive to her mom, explaining, “I just said, ‘I’m really scared of this letter, but I had to write it. I might not post it, but I had to say it.’” But post it she did, and Swift now says, “Apple treated me like I was a voice of a creative community that they actually cared about.”

One of Swift’s other most newsworthy moves this year was making peace with West, more than five years after he infamously interrupted her at the MTV Video Music Awards. “I feel like I wasn’t ready to be friends with [him] until I felt like he had some sort of respect for me, and he wasn’t ready to be friends with me until he had some sort of respect for me — so it was the same issue, and we both reached the same place at the same time,” admits Swift.

But there were others in play, too. Swift tells the magazine, “I became friends with Jay Z, and I think it was important, for Jay Z, for Kanye and I to get along… And then Kanye and I both reached a place where he would say really nice things about my music and what I’ve accomplished, and I could ask him how his kid’s doing.” As for role models, though, Swift name-checks Angelina Jolie and Oprah, two stars who have been “so productive,” but have “used that position to better other people’s lives.”

Swift sheds some insight into her relationship with Calvin Harris, which comes after several years of not dating. “That was the way that I decided to go on with my life,” she says of avoiding romance. “Not looking for anything, not necessarily being open to anything, and only being open to the idea that, if I found someone who would never try to change me, that would be the only person I could fall in love with. Because, you know, I was in love with my life.”

Now she’s in love with a mega deejay, and also with her friends as well, who, yes, “have dated the same people,” acknowledges the superstar. “It’s almost like the sisterhood has such a higher place on the list of priorities for us. It’s so much more important than some guy that it didn’t work out with,” insists Swift.

She continues, “When you’ve got this group of girls who need each other as much as we need each other, in this climate, when it’s so hard for women to be understood and portrayed the right way in the media… now more than ever we need to be good and kind to each other and not judge each other — and just because you have the same taste in men, we don’t hold that against each other.”

Of course, this being the Style issue, Swift is asked about her fashion, but she refuses to put herself on a pedestal. “Any day you’re going to admit to being a style icon is a day you need to look in the mirror and really check yourself,” she says. The singer was shot for the magazine by Mario Testino, and also filmed a behind-the-scenes video in which she plays a game of word association. Watch below!


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