Taylor Swift Sends Valentines To Fans For Valentine’s Day (PHOTO)

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Taylor Swift Valetines Day

By Daniel Gates |

Taylor Swift Valetines Day

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Taylor Swift celebrated Valentine’s Day by sending her fans Valentines. “I just want to spend my life showing the people I love how much I love them,” she wrote on Instagram on Saturday, along with a picture showing 16 different homemade, painted gifts for various supporters. See the photo below!

Not that sending random people gifts is anything new for Swift. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the singer mailed personalized holiday presents to tons of fans as part of her “Swiftmas” celebration, which led to a cascade of videos online of overwhelmed, shocked fans reacting to the surprise stocking stuffers. “I experienced so many moments of true love this year, and all of them were with you,” Swift tweeted in December, along with video recapping her holiday gift blitz. “Here’s to more magic in 2015.”

It seems like the new year has indeed brought new generosity. Last month, video emerged of a fan’s reaction when she got a package full of gifts from Swift, including a check for $1,989 to help with student loans. Now come the Valentines.

Of course, Swift has some close, real-life friends, too. On Friday, her joint Vogue cover with BFF Karlie Kloss debuted, as did an accompanying interview all about their friendship. “We’re both normal people,” Kloss explained. Of course, normal people don’t send Valentines to strangers, but it’s a pretty sweet kind of abnormal thing to do. Check out Swift’s Instagram post from Saturday below, and tell us what you think!

Taylor Swift Valentines



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