Taylor Swift “Using” Drake Claim NOT True

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Taylor Swift Using Drake

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Using Drake


Taylor Swift is NOT “using” Drake, despite a report falsely claiming she’s “manipulating” the rapper for attention. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

A headline from Celeb Dirty Laundry reads, “Taylor Swift Manipulates Drake, Plots Breakup Before The New Year – Only Using Him To Get Through Holidays?” Of course, as Gossip Cop has already reported, Swift and Drake are not dating, but the site uses that false premise as the launch pad for this story. It begins, “Taylor Swift is using Drake for her own selfish reasons and, apparently, already planning to dump him before the New Year, just like she did with her last few ex-boyfriends.”

“In fact, reports indicate that Taylor Swift is doing what she does best and that’s manipulating her boyfriend into believing that he’s fallen hard in love with her, just like she’s done with exes Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston earlier this year,” claims the site, which alleges, “Even though they have yet to confirm their romance, it looks like Drake can’t help but shower Taylor with gifts, love, and attention — just the way she wants and expects from him.”

There isn’t a single source to back up those claims or any others made by the webloid, but CDL contends, “For some reason or another, the chart topper manages to manipulate her boyfriends in believing that they are completely in love and desperate to be with her before she suddenly and abruptly pulls the plug on their relationship.” It’s further asserted, “Drake and Taylor Swift’s relationship isn’t just the oddest pairing fans have seen yet, but one that has fans wondering if Taylor is simply using him to help her move past her disastrous break ups this year.”

“After all,” concludes CDL, “Taylor Swift is the kind of person who only cares about herself and her public image and that’s why she’ll be willing and ready to dump Drake the moment she finds him less useful for only cold and calculating reasons that she only knows.” Wow, is this tale mean-spirited. It’s also completely wrong.

The allegation that she’s “using” him has no merit, considering Swift has not said one thing about him in the media. It was Drake who posted the above photo on Instagram, which suggests he was the one looking for attention. Most importantly, though, as mentioned above Swift and Drake are not a couple. So, no, she is not “planning to dump him before the New Year.” This manufactured narrative is totally false.

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