Taylor Swift Did NOT Unfollow Tom Hiddleston On Instagram, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift unfollow Tom Hiddleston Instagram

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift unfollow Tom Hiddleston Instagram

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Taylor Swift has not unfollowed Tom Hiddleston on Instagram, despite a new misguided story. Gossip Cop can correct this inaccuracy.

Perez Hilton begins his latest blunder by writing that a week ago he was “regaling [readers] with the tale of Tom Hiddleston’s new Instagram account and his newest famous follower, one Taylor Swift,” and now “Swift has UNFOLLOWED Hiddleston on the social network already.” The ill-informed blogger even questions, “Is there trouble ahead?” Well, maybe for Perez, but not Hiddleston and Swift.

After further expressing his disbelief by exclaiming, “What the what?!” Perez then claims that as of Sunday, Swift had only following 85 people and “Tom is NOT one of them.” “TayTay is quick with that unfollow button!! Dang, girl!” adds the quick to make mistakes blogger. In reality, Swift NEVER unfollowed Hiddleston. Both the singer and the British actor continue to follow each other, while Perez follows his pattern of making errors.

In particular, Perez has a history of getting stories wrong about Swift. In fact, he similarly falsely claimed three months ago that Swift’s squad unfollowed Demi Lovato. Not only was that untrue, but Swift herself follows Lovato. In the past, the blogger has also inaccurately linked the singer romantically to Matthew Gray Gubler, Ed Sheeran, and Alexander Skarsgard, none of whom she ever dated. Much like those stories (and sadly more), Perez’s piece about Swift allegedly unfollowing Hiddleston on Instagram is once again wrong.

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Perez Hilton

Taylor Swift unfollowed Tom Hiddleston on Instagram.


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