Top Taylor Swift Rumor Of 2018: Secretly Engaged To Joe Alwyn

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Taylor Swift Top Rumor

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Taylor Swift Top Rumor

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Taylor Swift was the subject of a number of untrue tabloid stories in 2018. Many of those inaccurate tall tales involved her relationship with Joe Alwyn, and ranged from them splitting up to getting married last August. The top rumor about Swift was published a couple of months ago when one of the celebrity magazines falsely asserted the singer and her movie star boyfriend were “secretly engaged.” As Gossip Cop noted at the time, the claim was 100 percent wrong.

In October, Life & Style published a cover story announcing Swift and Alwyn were “Secretly Engaged!” On its front page it even stated Alwyn gave Swift a “vintage ring,” though suspiciously the tabloid offered no specifics about what the engagement ring looked like or where and how the actor suspiciously popped the question. Instead, the article ran a series of quotes from an anonymous source who maintained, for example, that Alwyn is a traditional man who would’ve “asked her parents first [for permission to marry Swift], then gotten down on one knee to propose.”

And while the magazine only theorized on how Alwyn might have proposed, because it didn’t know for sure, it still asserted with complete certainty that the couple was “already wedding planning” and fashioning their nuptials on “Meghan Markle’s royal wedding.” Again, without knowing any details of what her big day would be like, the outlet’s alleged insider contended Swift’s “ideal ceremony” would be in ” a classic old church” in England, where Alwyn is from. Yet, while the purported tipster couldn’t furnish anything concrete about the wedding or Alwyn’s proposal, he or she claimed Swift would have 12 bridesmaids, though was only able to name one, Selena Gomez.

Of course, any insider or even casual fan would know Swift’s lucky number is actually 13 and holds tremendous significance in her life and music. Regardless, as noted above, while the tabloid exclaimed on its cover the singer was “secretly engaged,” it didn’t have any insight or proof Alwyn had actually proposed. And the reason is simple: Swift and Alwyn did not get engaged, secretly or otherwise. At the time the magazine came out, a Swift confidante assured Gossip Cop the cover story was 100 percent “false.” That remains the case to this day.

It bears mentioning that Gossip Cop also busted Life & Style when it wrongly reported in June how Swift and Alwyn were having a “summer wedding” by getting married in August. Here we are in winter, and naturally that was untrue as well. While Swift and Alwyn support each other and are very committed to one another, the claim that they were secretly engaged was entirely phony and ranks as the top wrong rumor about Swift in 2018.


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