Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Balcony Video Shamefully Posted By RadarOnline

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Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Video RadarOnline

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Video RadarOnline


Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s apparent new romance has dominated celebrity news over the last day. But that doesn’t mean the couple should have their privacy invaded while on private property.

On Thursday, RadarOnline blared in a headline, “Caught On Camera! Intimate Video Of Tom Hiddleston & Taylor’s Sexy Sleepover Leaks.” No video leaked. The webloid obtained footage surreptitiously taken by a tipster outside Swift’s private Rhode Island home, and published it on its website in its own video player.

The site writes, “Only one day after the photos emerged, a man who appears to be Hiddleston was caught on camera standing on the balcony of Swift’s Rhode Island home… The insider revealed the actor walked back into the ‘Blank Space’ singer’s home once he spotted the eyewitness filming around 4:42 p.m. on June 15.”

“We knew he wasn’t a guard because all the guards have on green shirts,” the unwelcome spy is quoted as telling RadarOnline. “When I got back to the hotel I saw online that she had been spotted the previous day with a new guy. The man looked similar and had the same sunglasses so we knew it was him.”

To be clear: A stranger stood outside Swift’s private residence with a video camera, zoomed in, and filmed someone who may or may not be Hiddleston on her personal balcony. Then, that person gave the video to RadarOnline, which published it online.

The original pictures of Swift and Hiddleston canoodling, though not sanctioned by the stars and taken by long-lens paparazzi, were snapped as they hung out on a public state beach. That is far different than what this “eyewitness” and RadarOnline have done here with footage of Swift’s home. As seen in the screengrab above, the camera is focused directly on the house.

Gossip Cop will not be re-posting the actual video, which is clearly a violation of privacy. We can only imagine how the person video taping or the editors at RadarOnline would feel if their interactions at their own homes were secretly recorded and given to an outlet and posted on the World Wide Wide for public gawking.

Making it all the more disturbing is that Swift has had a number of people arrested outside her various houses. When outlets publish actual pictures of her home, that is essentially telling the world where she lives. And the issue then goes from privacy threat to potential danger.

Gossip Cop understands the interest in Swift and Hiddleston’s relationship is high among both fans and media. But that doesn’t mean anyone should be taking video of the singer’s home.


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