Taylor Swift, Todrick Hall NOT Hooking Up

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Taylor Swift Todrick Hall Hooking Up

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Todrick Hall Hooking Up

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Taylor Swift and Todrick Hall are NOT hooking up, despite a sensational report that implies their friendly hangout this week may have included some inappropriate behavior. Gossip Cop can bust the ridiculous story.

OK! exclaims in a headline on its website, “Shake It Off! Taylor Swift Is Spotted With A Mystery Man Amid Her Relationship Crisis With Tom Hiddleston!” It’s said in the accompanying photo gallery, “Taylor Swift was spotted out and about in a pretty flirty outfit amid her relationship crisis with Tom Hiddleston — and she was not alone!” But Swift wasn’t with a “mystery man,” as alleged by the tabloid.

She was with Hall, a well-known TV and social media personality. It’s only after readers click onto the post and then onto the second slide of the gallery that the tabloid acknowledges Swift was with Hall, and not some secret boy toy. And yet the outlet still goes on to make more questionable insinuations about the outing.

Swift wore a “flirty yellow mini skirt and bared her midriff as she went out to dinner in New York with Todrick Hall, who identifies as gay,” writes the magazine, before noting, “They headed to dinner and afterwards, Taylor and Todrick went back to the place they were staying together and didn’t appear to have come back out!” The outlet ends by asking, “Do you think Tom will be upset about Taylor’s dinner date?”

Stop. Announcing that Swift was with a “mystery man,” writing that she was in a “flirty outfit,” saying Hall “identifies as gay” instead of IS gay, claiming they didn’t “come back out” from where they were “staying together,” and questioning whether Hiddleston will be upset about the “dinner date” — this is all language that implies the two were on an official date and hooked up. And that’s not just sensational; it’s also utterly false.

Of course, the REAL story that Swift hung out with a male friend with whom she’s not romantically involved is far less sexy and salacious. So the outlet crafted its narrative in such a way that would get people to click through its photo gallery. And this is not a case of Gossip Cop reading too much into things.

Even BET, which is not in the busting bad dish business, interpreted all the insinuations the same way, writing, “OK! Magazine Thinks Openly Gay Todrick Hall Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Mystery’ Man.” The network’s site even asks, “How could they be more wrong?” Now THAT’S something we can agree with.

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