Taylor Swift “Thrilled” With Success Of New Song Made-Up By HollywoodLife

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Taylor Swift Thrilled Success Song Video

By Holly Nicol |

Taylor Swift Thrilled Success Song Video

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A new report from HollywoodLife alleges Taylor Swift is “thrilled” with the success of her new song and music video, but the story is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can expose the webloid’s lies. We’re told, once again, that no one close to the singer is talking to the website.

As Gossip Cop reported, Swift’s music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” premiered at Sunday’s MTV Music Video Awards, and has since smashed the record for the most-viewed video ever in a 24-hour period on YouTube. Not surprisingly, HollywoodLife has taken this piece of real news and twisted it into fake news, claiming to have been told by a so-called Swift “insider” in a rather obvious statement that the singer is “thrilled” with her record-breaking single and music video.

In the bogus story, the website’s dubious “source” is quoted as saying, “[Swift] is so pleased to be the only artist to have over 20 million views in one day,” and the excitement has her “totally pumped to be going out on tour again.” The outlet’s seemingly non-existent tipster goes on to claim, with little information, that “Taylor can’t wait to announce her tour soon, sometime around the time that she drops her album.” But after the vast amount of falsehoods the site has posted surrounding the release of Swift’s latest track, even the most casual Gossip Cop reader will be able detect the outlet’s lies.

Remember, we recently corrected HollywoodLife for wrongly claiming Selena Gomez was “excited” for Swift to release her new album Reputation. Of course, Gomez is undoubtably looking forward to Swift’s upcoming record, but the outlet pretended to have an “exclusive” scoop on how the singer felt. Simply, the webloid fabricates obvious statements in an attempt to convince readers it has real sources and evidence. And as Gossip Cop noted above, the same goes for this latest story.

As we’ve pointed out numerous times in the past, no one from Swift’s inner circle is feeding the website with information about the singer. Regardless, we looked into HollywoodLife’s claim, and a Swift confidante assures Gossip Cop the report is 100 percent “made-up.”

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