Taylor Swift Sent Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris “Thank You” Notes?

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Taylor Swift Thank You Tom Hiddleston Calvin Harris

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Thank You Tom Hiddleston Calvin Harris

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Did Taylor Swift send Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris “thank you” notes?! A report from one of the tabloids claims she sent them both letters of gratitude for inspiring her new music. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation.

The story can be found in the new issue of the National Enquirer, which writes, “Taylor Swift is so thrilled to have added Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston to her lengthy catalog of ex-boyfriends that she wrote them to say thanks!” A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the publication, “Taylor had a dry spell for months since her tour ended and simply could not write her own material for an album.”

But now, claims the supposed snitch, “She is so happy — ecstatic that the songs are flooding into her head! She is working on some hilarious material comparing the two men in her life — and people’s reaction to them.” What’s more, though, is that it’s said, “After successfully ‘shaking off’ two breakups in a row,” Swift “felt generous enough to send thank-you notes to both guys.”

“She just wrote, ‘Thanks for the inspiration,'” alleges the supermarket tabloid’s tipster, who adds that the letters didn’t go over well with either ex. “They were both like, ‘Ugh! Go away!'” The magazine even saw fit to illustrate its article with fake notes showing what Swift may have written.

But the entire story is actually fake, too. It seems the National Enquirer just crafted this tale around Swift’s “Blank Space” persona, and assumed people would believe it because of the catty and boy-crazy way she’s portrayed in the media. Gossip Cop is told, however, that the superstar did NOT send mean-spirited “thank you” notes to Hiddleston or Harris, and the claim is simply “made up.”

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National Enquirer

Taylor Swift sent Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris thank-you notes.

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