Taylor Swift Team Doing “Damage Control” After Calvin Harris Rant?

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Taylor Swift Damage Control Calvin Harris

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Damage Control Calvin Harris

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Is Taylor Swift’s “team’ trying to do “damage control” after Calvin Harris’ Twitter rant? That’s what one webloid is claiming. But the sensational story actually twists the truth and leaves out a few important facts.

RadarOnline writes, “A number of Taylor Swift squad members confirmed her ‘happy’ relationship with Tom Hiddleston just days after ex boyfriend Calvin Harris went on a bitter tirade about the pop princess. Coincidence? We think not.” The story goes on, “It’s time for some major damage control from Taylor Swift’s team — and they’ve come back with a vengeance.” And so it’s said the singer had “her army assembled.”

As evidence, the outlet cites recent comments from Martha Hunt and Chris Hemsworth, who both spoke about Swift and Hiddleston’s romance in interviews. But Hemsworth isn’t a member of Swift’s “squad,” and he nor Hunt had control over what they were asked during a press event. To suggest answering questions about the coupling is part of some orchestrated move from Swift’s publicity camp is pretty ridiculous.

And while RadarOnline says how “a number of Taylor Swift squad members” have suspiciously spoken out, only Hunt is mentioned. The only other “damage control” proof offered is a reference to Hiddleston himself telling The Hollywood Reporter that the relationship isn’t a publicity stunt. But the site conveniently failed to provide any context for the quote.

While it’s said “Taylor came at Harris with a one-two punch [by] unleashing” Hiddleston, he wasn’t going around volunteering information about his love life to combat Harris’ “damage.” He was speaking with the trade magazine about his Emmy nomination. And like both Hemsworth and Hunt, he’s simply politely answered an off-topic question.

Similarly, just as Swift’s “team” has no say in what questions Hunt and Hemsworth are asked during interviews, there’s no involvement in what Hiddleston is queried on, either. In other words, what RadarOnline is calling “damage control” from Swift’s “team” is actually press outlets she has nothing to do with asking questions in interviews that don’t directly involve her.

The webloid even notes that Swift herself hasn’t said “anything at all,” and yet ends its piece by asking, “Do you think Taylor is working too hard to convince everyone of her whirlwind romance?” No. Gossip Cop thinks RadarOnline is “working too hard” at trying to make it seem like it has a big scoop. But it’s the site that looks bad here, not Swift.

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Taylor Swift’s team is trying to do damage control after Calvin Harris’ twitter rant.

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