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A story about Taylor Swift's love for and support of Selena Gomez was made up. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth behind this fake news.

After Gomez released a new song this week, Swift took to Instagram to celebrate her longtime pal and the track. "Sultry pop magic from this dreamy almost-birthday-girl," she wrote in her first post on the social media site since May. Many outlets saw that as newsworthy, but HollywoodLife went a step further. It used Swift's post to manufacture fake news.

"Taylor Swift Loved Being Able To Support Selena Gomez & New Music: They're Always 'Connected,'" reads a headline from the site, which brags it has "EXCLUSIVE details" about their friendship. A so-called "music industry source" is quoted as saying, "Taylor has Selena's back 100 [percent]. They will always be besties. But life has a way of putting distance between even the best of friends."

This supposed snitch continues, "Truth is, Taylor and Selena don't talk as much as they would like to, but the longtime friends are still close and give each other advice all the time." It's ironic that HollywoodLies would have the "truth," given that Gomez herself has said the webloid is "never true." And that "source," if such a person even really exists, actually contradicts itself in that statement by first saying they "don't talk as much" but then saying they're advising each other "all the time."

Well, which is it? Gossip Cop doubts the outlet knows. Its purported tipster goes on to make general statements that would apply to most friendships, but then also provides another red flag when saying, "The pair also hope to get their guys together for a romantic double date soon." Earlier this month we busted the online publication for making up fake news about Gomez wanting to go on a double date with Swift.

The story was a fabrication, as is this new one. Swift and Gomez despise HollywoodLies. The latter even once called the webloid the "worst." No one close to them is giving the blog "exclusive details" about their friendship. In fact, Gossip Cop has exposed the site for lying about the singers countless times over the years. While all the evidence is right in our archives, we'll just highlight one timely example.

Just over a year ago, Swift and Gomez's separate Fourth of July parties were twisted into sensational clickbait. Then this year, the outlet was caught lying about Swift's Fourth of July plans. To borrow a certain phrase, the truth is HollywoodLies takes timely events, like a holiday, and builds articles around them. That's why after the Academy Awards last year, fans were (mis)treated to a piece about Swift and Gomez supposedly ignoring each other at an Oscars party.

Now the bogus publication is using Swift's Instagram post about Gomez's song as the launching pad for more fake news about the friends. And while this latest report may be more positive than past ones, it's just as made up. Simply put, HollywoodLies has never had insight on their friendship and never will.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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