Taylor Swift ‘Sugar Mama’ For Tom Hiddleston Claim Is NOT True

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Taylor Swift sugar mama Tom Hiddleston

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift sugar mama Tom Hiddleston

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Taylor Swift is not Tom Hiddleston’s “sugar mama,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this transparent tabloid claim. We’re told it’s simply “false.”

According to the repeatedly disproven OK!, while Hiddleston has been “showering her with affection,” Swift has been “showering him with cash.” The tabloid then predictably notes how Forbes named Swift last year’s highest-earning star with a total haul of $170 million, before alleging she’s so”desperate to find the perfect love,” the singing superstar is paying for everything for Hiddleston, who the magazine claims is “frugal.”

A so-called source is quoted telling the publication, “Tom loves the finer things in life but doesn’t like to pay.” “He just turns on the charm and gets away with it,” alleges the outlet’s supposed insider. What’s more, claims the tabloid’s “source,” Swift is footing the bill for their private jets, hotels, meals and “even their clothes.” The “source” adds in seemingly fabricated and unnatural language, “Tom will come along for the ride, but when he gets bored, he’ll ditch her… and take all his goodie bags with him.”

It appears that once the news came out that Swift was the highest-earning celebrity, the tabloid went into overdrive to find an angle that included her new boyfriend Hiddleston, and settled on her being his “sugar mama.” While it’s true that Swift handles the cost of her own private plane, it’s untrue that Hiddleston is just “along for the ride.” Gossip Cop is assured that Hiddleston picks up tabs for meals and other expenses. An actual insider exclusively tells Gossip Cop the magazine’s latest tale is “false.”

Of course, we’re not surprised by the publication’s seemingly made-up article. We have busted the tabloid on numerous occasions for publishing inaccurate information about Swift. Gossip Cop recently nailed the magazine for wrongly reporting Swift was in a fake relationship with Hiddleston. And just a few months before that, we corrected the outlet for untruthfully asserting Swift and Calvin Harris were getting married and having a baby. Clearly, the publication’s sources haven’t paid off with their scoops.

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Taylor Swift is Tom Hiddleston’s “Sugar Mama.”

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