Taylor Swift Shares “Bad Blood” Failed Stunt Video – WATCH!

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Taylor Swift failed Stunt Bad Blood

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift failed Stunt Bad Blood


Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video looks super slick, but not everything went smoothly during its taping, according to the singer. On Monday, one day after the video premiered at the Billboard Music Awards, Swift shared on Instagram an outtake of her failing to nail one of the stunts. See the video below.

Swift was supposed to burst through a wall and continue on. But in the outtake Swift posted, you see her smash her way to the other side of the wall, but fall straight to the ground. A number of concerned crew members ask Swift if she’s all right. The singer can then be heard telling the director, “Yeah, I forgot to keep running,” and assures everyone she’s “fine,” amidst the dust that’s filled the area where she broke through the wall.

As Gossip Cop noted, the “Bad Blood” video shows Swift battling a bunch of bad guys and female villains, including her best friend Selena Gomez who, at one point, kicks the singer out of a window. Among the other famous stars in the video are Zendaya, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, Lena Dunham, Mariska Hargitay, and Jessica Alba, to name few.

Along with the video of the stunt gone wrong, Swift wrote, “Go to 1:42 of the #BadBloodMusicVideo to see the take where I got it right. This, however, was the first take. #stuntFAIL.” As Swift noted, the part where she perfectly executed the stunt looks much different than the outtake she posted. Check out the failed stunt and the actual “Bad Blood” video below. NOTE: The Instagram post of the stunt going wrong is no longer available.


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