The Real Reason Taylor Swift Skipped Kanye West Adidas Yeezy Boost Show

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Kanye West Vent Taylor Swift Saint Pablo

By Daniel Gates |

Kanye West Vent Taylor Swift Saint Pablo

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Did Taylor Swift really bail on Kanye West’s big Yeezy Boost sneakers event at New York Fashion Week on Thursday? Well, not exactly. Gossip Cop can report that the reason Swift didn’t show up at West’s show is not nearly as sensational as other outlets would have you believe.

Rumors began after West gave fashion world institution Andre Leon Talley a backstage interview following his much-discussed Adidas presentation. “Would you like to see Taylor Swift wearing some of your Adidas?” asked Talley.

West responded, “Yeah, I think she was supposed to be here today. So, I don’t know what happened… but I’d like to see everyone wearing everything!” That was the sum total of what West said, and he said it casually, with a smile on his face. But that didn’t stop some webloids from wondering whether Swift’s absence signaled some kind of new rift between the music titans.

It’s simply not true. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “Taylor wanted to attend but had a scheduled photo shoot that day that she could not move and which had been scheduled months prior.” That’s really it. The very busy Swift had, not surprisingly, a previous commitment she couldn’t break. Her Adidas no-show has nothing to do with any kind of feud or disagreement with West.

Watch the Talley interview of West in the video below. Asked about he now feels about his on-stage stunt at last weekend’s Grammy Awards, West says, “I feel good. I feel like a human being. I feel like a man. A man can make mistakes, a man can have an opinion, a man can be hypocritical, but you know… I feel like I have blood in my veins, that my blood hasn’t been turned cold by the concept of celebrity or missed opportunities.” Make of that what you will. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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