Taylor Swift NOT “Eyeing” Role On “Scream Queens” Season 2, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Scream Queens Role Season 2

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Scream Queens Role Season 2


Taylor Swift is NOT “eyeing” a role on “Scream Queens,” despite a report from a perennially misinformed webloid. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim. There is absolutely no accuracy to the allegation.

According to an “exclusive” from HollywoodLife (cough), Swift is “thinking about a role next season” on “Scream Queens,” which was renewed last week. The site alleges creator Ryan Murphy has already cast “four new characters,” and claims Swift “may be one of them.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Ryan Murphy really wants Taylor Swift to be a part of it.”

“And now that she has some time on her hands with no tour obligations, she is considering to take a part on the show,” the alleged source goes on to claim. “Ryan wants to write her a character so good that she has no reason to say no.” Apparently the webloid can’t make up its mind on whether Swift is already “one” of the new characters, or if Murphy wants to “write her” one.

And HollywoodLies seems to be basing its allegations on little more than Murphy’s previous statements about wanting to work with Swift. Everyone knows by now that the outlet doesn’t actually have reputable sources about the superstar, so Gossip Cop was immediately suspicious of this report. And rightly so.

A production insider exclusively tells Gossip Cop that there’s “no truth at all to the rumor” Swift will be on “Scream Queens” season 2. The only frightening thing here is that HollywoodLife is one again scarily wrong.

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Taylor Swift is after a role on ‘Scream Queens.’


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