Taylor Swift Did Not Get “Revenge” On Harry Styles At Billboard Music Awards, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Revenge Harry Styles

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift Revenge Harry Styles


Taylor Swift did not get “revenge” on Harry Styles at the Billboard Music Awards nor was she interested in doing so, despite yet another fabricated story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the wholly manufactured claim.

According to HollywoodLies, as its commonly known, Swift supposedly was “over the moon” that Styles was seated near her at the awards show, so that he could witness “how happy” she is with Calvin Harris. The webloid then quotes one of its seemingly phony sources as saying, “Taylor has never been happier, and last night was her sweet revenge on Harry Styles.” The so-called “source,” who sounds like she just had her middle school graduation, adds, “First of all, she was able to show Harry that, yes, she is completely over him. Second, Calvin rocks her world, more than Harry ever did or could.” The unreliable site then notes, “That’s a bold statement from Tay!”

Before Gossip Cop exposes HollywoodLife again, it’s important to note, that despite what the webloid claims, that was NOT a “statement “ from Swift. That was a made-up “statement” from the blog. The site, of course, has a rich history of fabricating stories about the two. Among the many false HollywoodLies stories that Gossip Cop has busted was the purely fictional tale the webloid published about Styles sending Swift 1,989 roses in honor of her album 1989. We first called it a blatant lie, and then Styles himself did.

Regardless, Swift was not exacting “sweet revenge” when she gave her boyfriend relatively tame kisses after winning different Billboard Music Awards. She was just happy to win the awards and share the moment with Harris. And it’s not even clear whether Styles even saw those pecks on the cheek between Swift and Harris. By HollywoodLies’ logic, Styles jokingly grabbing Niall Horan’s crotch at the Billboard Music Awards, after One Direction won Best Duo/Group, would be a sign to Swift that he’s over her, too.

It’s all nonsense. As Gossip Cop reported more than six months ago, Styles and Swift are friends, and the “Shake It Off” singer has had no interest in him for quite a long time. Regardless, we checked in with a source close to the situation, and were told the webloid’s latest tall tale is “so stupid.”

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Taylor Swift got revenge on Harry Styles at the Billboard Music Awards.


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