Taylor Swift Having “Trouble” Selling Tickets For “Reputation” Tour?

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Taylor Swift Ticket Sales

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Taylor Swift Ticket Sales

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Taylor Swift is having “trouble” selling tickets for her “Reputation Stadium Tour,” according to a misleading report from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can set the record straight. The superstar undoubtedly remains one of music’s top touring acts.

But OK! has been peddling a months-long storyline about the singer’s latest concert series supposedly struggling. In May, the magazine spread a false story about Swift using boyfriend Joe Alwyn to boost ticket sales. As Gossip Cop explained, however, her romance was in no way tied to the success of her tour, and she had no need to resort to such a publicity stunt. Months before the launch, Billboard reported that Swift’s tour was already on track to become “one of the biggest of all time.” And before the first concert even began, Swift broke an attendance record in Arizona.

Of course, the outlet didn’t mention any of this, and now it’s misleading fans again with a new article headlined, “Taylor’s Tour Trouble.” The publication acknowledges that “the reviews have been great and the money’s pouring in,” but claims the “one thing” that’s “plaguing” the tour is “empty seats.” The tabloid points to allegedly unsold tickets in Manchester and Dublin, but conveniently fails to mention places where that didn’t occur. In the beginning of June, for example, Swift played two sold-out shows at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

The magazine also doesn’t tell readers that the songstress’s ticketing system for this tour wasn’t structured so that every show would be sold out. Rolling Stone examined Swift’s ticket strategy in April, explaining how she and other artists are now using “dynamic pricing” to stop scalping. The process helps to ensure musicians are paid fairly for market demand. Again, the outlet doesn’t share any of this, and instead paints an inaccurate picture.

The publication even claims that “playing to blank spaces is rattling Taylor,” and quotes an almost assuredly fictional “source” as saying, “This is likely the consequence of staying out of the spotlight for so long. She may have lost many of her fans.” Considering Swift’s Reputation album was the only record in 2017 to sell one million physical copies, it’s apparent her fan base is still quite strong. Forbes even noted that it shows “just how powerful Swift remains.”

Additionally, in a story this week that explored Swift’s success with the song “Delicate,” Billboard deemed the tour a “triumphant victory lap” that has “attracted uniformly strong reviews and earned some historic grosses.” The bottom line can be found in the very first sentence of the misguided OK! article: “The reviews have been great and the money’s pouring in.” That statement is actually truthful, and all that really matters. Swift’s tour isn’t in “trouble,” but the magazine’s warped agenda is designed to make readers think otherwise.


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