A new report about Taylor Swift being "relieved" that the judge dismissed David Mueller's case against her is made-up. The story was manufactured by a site that routinely takes existing news and pretends to have insiders feeding it unique angles. But this claim was not shared with HollywoodLife nor it is "exclusive," as alleged. At best, it came from other published articles and common sense.

In its latest fabrication, HollywoodLies, as it has been nicknamed, contends that an "insider" told the often discredited site that Swift is "relieved" the Denver deejay's case was thrown out. As Gossip Cop reported on Friday, a judge dismissed Mueller's claim that Swift was responsible for him being fired from Colorado's KYGO radio station after she alleged he groped her butt while posing together backstage at a concert in 2013. Now, the outlet asserts a "source" close to her "exclusively" told them, "She is relieved" the case was thrown out.

For starters, does it really take an "insider" to know Swift is "relieved" she is no longer a defendant and that the case against her was dismissed? Additionally, as noted above, this is hardly "exclusive." A slew of other outlets noted that exact same reaction. People, for example, wrote that after the judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence to blame the singer for Mueller losing his job, Swift appeared "visibly relieved."

Not only did HollywoodLies make up this fake news story, but the untrustworthy blog also doesn't realize that Swift herself is off the hook in this legal matter. The site writes, "When it comes to winning the overall case, Tay is staying positive." "She is confident, but not cocky," adds its seemingly clueless "source." The so-called "insider" adds that Swift's family "will take it as a good start, a win of sorts... They are heading in the right direction."

For Swift, however, the case is over. All that's left for the singer personally is her suit against Mueller for allegedly groping her. As Gossip Cop previously reported, Swift is only seeking $1 in her countersuit because she wanted to make it clear that her case is not about financial gain, but rather for raising awareness about sexual assault.

Still, despite HollywoodLies' glaring falsehoods, Gossip Cop looked into the site's claims, and a Swift confidante assures us no one in her world is talking to the repeatedly disproven webloid. Naturally, we're not entirely surprised since Gossip Cop has busted the outlet on many numerous for fabricating tall tales, including Swift being "secretly engaged to Calvin Harris, as we'll as wrongly maintaining that she dated Drake, Hozier and Matt Healy, among others. Much like those cockamamie articles and others, the latest is also entirely made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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