Taylor Swift’s “Rebirth” In “Ready For It” Video Is Fake News Story

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Taylor Swift Ready For It Video Meaning

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Ready For It Video Meaning

(Taylor Swift/Instagram)

Though Taylor Swift’s music video for “Ready For It” isn’t even out yet, a webloid with a spotty track record is claiming to know all about its secret meanings. Of course, this isn’t real news. On the contrary, Gossip Cop can confirm it’s fake news.

This week, Swift revealed her latest music video will premiere on Thursday night. In making the announcement, she released a short, seconds-long Instagram teaser showing clips of footage. Aside from that, nothing else is known about the video. Yet here’s HollywoodLife pretending to already know the full video’s message and meaning. The site is blaring in a headline on Tuesday, “Taylor Swift’s ‘Ready For It’ Video Is All About Her ‘Rebirth’: She Feels More Powerful Than Ever.”

Touting “EXCLUSIVE scoop” about the “meaning behind it all,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Taylor’s new video is all about the future and the emergence of the new her. The nude bodysuit symbolizes her ‘rebirth’ and the robotic scenes portray the growth and change she has gone through this past year to become stronger and more empowered.” Adds this supposed source, “Taylor loves sci-fi as a genre, and it fits perfectly with her headspace right now — she’s all about excitement, new directions, fresh starts and the unknown.”

Again, only a teaser has been released at this point, and Swift is known for being super-secretive when it comes to her art. So who close to her would really be revealing what her new music video is about before it’s even been released? In fact, HollywoodLies even notes, “The singer has made a point not to talk to any media to promote this record. Instead, she’s going to let the music do the talking.” Then why would an “insider” go leaking information? And frankly, the quotes come off like a college-level reading of a 15-second teaser, versus a professional commentary on the full video and Swift’s artistic vision.

There’s further reason to doubt the authenticity of this scoop. Last week, HollywoodLies wrongly predicted Swift’s new song “Gorgeous” would be a “diss track” targeting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. In actuality, it’s about having a crush. If the webloid really had a Swift “insider,” it should’ve known what the superstar’s new song was about. But because the site doesn’t really have access to her camp, it made an inaccurate guess. Now Gossip Cop is told the outlet is just guessing here, too, and only did so to capitalize on the performer’s real news with some fake news. An actual Swift contact, speaking on the condition of anonymity, assures us that no one legitimately in Swift’s world is spoiling the nature of the “Ready For It” music video in advance.

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