Taylor Swift “Rocked” By Former Crush’s “Child Abuse Scandal” Is Fake News

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Taylor Swift Crush Child Abuse

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Taylor Swift Crush Child Abuse

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An article claiming Taylor Swift is “rocked” by the “child abuse scandal” involving her former crush is fake news. RadarOnline is taking a real legal situation, but sensationally twisting it to involve Swift.

As Gossip Cop reported, in 2015 Andrew Hardwick was arrested in Tennessee for allegedly physically assaulting two children whom he and his wife were babysitting. He was accused of striking a 3-year-old girl and a 5-year-old girl, leading to charges of aggravated child abuse. Multiple outlets reported the arrest at the time because years prior, Hardwick achieved a small bit of fame through his connection to Swift. The singer famously used “Drew” as the inspiration for “Teardrops On My Guitar,” her second single.

Swift, of course, had no link to this criminal case aside from writing about her crush in a song that was released more than 10 years ago. But now that Hardwick has pleaded guilty to his crimes, RadarOnline is not just mentioning his association with the superstar, but also claiming to know her reaction. “Taylor Swift Rocked By Teen Crush’s Sick Child Abuse Scandal,” reads the webloid’s headline.

The story begins, “Taylor Swift just victoriously squared off in federal court with a pervy on-air personality. But the news her high school love confessed — in court — to choking a three-year-old girl in a drug–fueled rage has rocked the singer.” But while the site initially tries to make it seem like the new development with Hardwick came just after Swift’s sexual assault case, the outlet actually admits several paragraphs down that Hardwick was sentenced in late June, nearly two months ago.

As for evidence to support its claim that Swift has been “rocked” by the situation, the online publication has none. The piece details Hardwick’s case, his past connection to Swift, and her legal battle with David Mueller. Apart from the headline and introduction, absolutely nothing is said regarding the songstress’ feelings about her high school crush’s situation. That’s because RadarOnline doesn’t actually know her feelings.

The webloid just wanted to score traffic through a clickbait headline. It is extremely misleading and deceptive, particularly as Gossip Cop is assured that no one close to Swift told the site that she was “rocked” or had any other reaction. The outlet took real news about Hardwick and shamefully spun it into fake news about Swift.