Taylor Swift Never Dropped “Surprise R&B Album,” Despite Report A Year Ago

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Taylor Swift RB Album

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Taylor Swift RB Album

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Taylor Swift still hasn’t dropped a “surprise R&B album,” despite a false report a year ago that claimed she was ditching pop music. Now that a full 12 months have gone by, Gossip Cop is taking a look back at this bust. It’s clear our reporting was correct.

On June 9, 2017, we called out MediaTakeOut for a largely offensive and entirely wrong article that announced in a headline, “Taylor Swift Goes Black.” Disturbingly, the story was illustrated with a photoshopped picture of the superstar that was digitally edited to darken her skin and change her hairstyle into an afro. Beyond the photo manipulation, the report was just plain inaccurate.

The site contended Swift would be “releasing a surprise album” that was being “characterized internally as an ‘R&B-type’ album,” in which she supposedly came off as a “female version of the Jonas dude.” The blog further alleged, “And get this… we hear she even has a song with The MIGOS!!” Of course, the outlet had no proof to back up its claims.

And when Gossip Cop investigated, our trusted contact not only confirmed the assertions were untrue, but also wondered if the allegations stemmed from a satirical fake news publication. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a hoax. MediaFakeOut, as it’s known, apparently thought it really had a scoop. It most definitely did not, however.

For starters, while the singer did eventually release a record last year, Swift’s new album, called Reputation, wasn’t a “surprise.” She announced it in August, more than two months before its November drop date. And when the full collection of music came out, it was clear this was not an “R&B -type album” on the whole. In its review of Reputation, Entertainment Weekly referred to just one song as being an “R&B slow burn,” the track called “Dress.” Meanwhile, Billboard’s album review highlighted the record’s one “hip-hop-indebted track,” the song titled “End Game,” which featured Future. Migos, contrary to MTO’s claims, did not collaborate on the album at all.

Rolling Stone specifically noted, Reputation builds on the synth-pop of 1989.” And Variety declared Reputation was the “pop album of the year.” An “R&B album” it was not. Even with some urban influences, it’s not like the songstress is now in the running for this month’s BET Awards, though both Migos and Future are.

So, did Swift drop a “surprise R&B album” in the last 365 days, as it was alleged she would? The answer is obviously no, considering her record was neither a “surprise” nor characterized as “R&B.” This story was just another fake-out from a site often known for getting it wrong.


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