Tom Hiddleston Trying To Get Taylor Swift Pregnant?

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Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Pregnant

By Andrew Shuster |

Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Pregnant

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Tom Hiddleston is NOT trying to get Taylor Swift pregnant, despite a phony tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told there’s “no truth” to it.

As Gossip Cop reported, Swift is 2016’s highest-paid celebrity, having earned an astounding $170 million over the past year. And now according to the National Enquirer, Hiddleston is taking advantage of the singer and scheming to get part of her fortune by having a baby with her. A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “Tom is no fool, he’s going to knock her up fast. Taylor is literally the golden goose.”

The magazine’s seemingly made-up insider further alleges, “Once they have kids, he will be a stay-at-home dad and she will bring home the bacon. I’m sure he will make the occasional film, but when your wife earns that amount of money, why even bother working?” But Gossip Cop checked in with a reliable source close to the situation, who laughed off the outlet’s report before exclusively assuring us there’s “no truth” to it.

Similarly untrue was the Enquirer’s recent claim that Swift kicked Selena Gomez out of her squad for supposedly referring to Hiddleston as a “fizzle.” Gossip Cop debunked that false story, as well as the tabloid’s wrong report about Swift allegedly getting a boob job to impress her new boyfriend. The magazine has proven to have a poor track record when it comes to accurately reporting about Swift and Hiddleston, and this latest fabricated tale isn’t helping the publication’s reputation.

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Tom Hiddleston is trying to get Taylor Swift pregnant.

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