Story About Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn Being “Perfect For Each Other” Is Made Up

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Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn Perfect

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Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn Perfect

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Though Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are happily still together, a new story about them being “perfect for each other,” with the singer’s friends thinking he’s “the one” for her, was made up. No one close to the couple is divulging such information to this particular webloid. Gossip Cop has discovered this article was actually manufactured after another outlet had very similar reports earlier this month.

“Could Joe Alwyn one day become Mr. Taylor Swift? It’s very possible,” contends HollywoodLife, which claims it has “EXCLUSIVELY learned Taylor’s friends think he’s ‘the one’ for her!” A so-called “source close to the singer” is quoted as saying, “Joe and Taylor are absolutely perfect for each other. Their personalities totally balance each other out. This is probably the healthiest relationship Taylor has ever been in, and she’s incredibly happy.”

This supposed snitch babbles on about their “awesome bond,” how they have “zero drama,” and how they “make the effort to stay connected” when apart. The site’s alleged tipster adds, “They are in it for the long term. Taylor’s friends have never seen her this happy before, they really believe that he’s ‘the one.'” Gossip Cop can’t help but wonder, though, if this is the same “source” who maintained Swift and Alwyn were going to publicly debut their romance at her July Fourth party when she didn’t even have a bash.

Or maybe it’s the “source” who told the online publication that Alwyn was going to surprise Swift with a “romantic dinner” after her “SNL” taping when she actually went to the after-party. This is why the blog has earned the nickname HollywoodLies. And when it’s not flat-out wrong with its “exclusives,” it’s stating the obvious or cribbing other outlet’s reporting. Two and a half weeks ago, People had a legitimate article headlined, “Taylor Swift’s Friends Think Joe Alwyn ‘Could Definitely Be the One’: Source.”

Now suddenly, after proving with its prior false stories that it doesn’t actually have access to the superstar’s camp, the webloid is similarly announcing, “Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Are ‘Perfect For Each Other’: Friends Think He’s ‘The One’ For Her.” Only one of these versions is authentic, and it’s not the one that came weeks after the first. Furthermore, there’s actual evidence that shows HollywoodLies is full-on stealing from the magazine. As seen in the screengrabs below, earlier this month the reputable publication had a source talking about Swift and Alwyn’s relationship. Now in this story from the webloid, it has copied and pasted the same exact quote, word for word, but claims it’s coming from its own “source.”

To be clear, HollywoodLies isn’t just fabricating articles after getting inspiration from other outlets. It’s also actually plagiarizing by passing off another’s exact reporting as its own. These are some of the biggest sins in journalism. And they once again prove what Gossip Cop has said all along: No one close to Swift is leaking real news to this disgraceful blog.

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