Taylor Swift To “Expose Elite Pedophiles And Satanic Illuminati” Is Fake News

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Taylor Swift Pedophilia

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Pedophilia

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Taylor Swift is not exposing pedophiles or the Illuminati, contrary to a fake news story. The report twists “Look What You Made Me Do” into purported evidence the singer is about to “blow [the] whistle.” But this outrageous article is completely off base.

“Taylor Swift is About to Expose Elite Pedophiles and Satanic Illuminati,” blares the absurd headline from Neon Nettle, which contends in its ridiculous story, “Pop star Taylor Swift is about to expose a dark elite pedophile ring within the entertainment industry and the use of Satanic Illuminati symbolism used by celebrities under MK Ultra and Monarch mind control programs.” The site falsely asserts the singer “claims to have recently broken free from the shackles of her own reprogramming to have a conscious awakening,” and purports she “recently told members of her inner circle that she’s ‘woke as f*ck’ and that she plans on using her status and influence to ‘expose the truth.'”

As evidence, the outlet maintains, “Her latest music video for her single ‘Look What You Made Me Do,’ is riddled with symbols that represent pedophilia, Satanism, Reptilians and the Illuminati.” But while it’s true snakes are featured heavily in the video, that imagery was used as a nod toward Swift’s feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It has nothing to do with pedophilia, Satanism or the Illuminati, and there is absolutely no hidden messages about any of those concepts in Swift’s work. Neon Nettle also falsely alleges the “lyrics to the song seem to be a direct response to the mind control programs used by the CIA and the Illuminati to subconsciously push agenda on the public.” Again, the lyrics are filled with references to Swift’s feud with the Wests, as well with allusions to her previous work. There is no “direct response” to the CIA or the Illuminati.

The website laughably goes on to contend Swift “hates mainstream news,” and even claims she’s going to “reveal the truth about Pizzagate,” the debunked far-right conspiracy theory about a supposed Hillary-Clinton connected pedophilia ring operating outside of a pizzeria. Swift’s message, maintains the outlet, is “so blatant, it’s difficult to ignore.” No, what’s actually difficult to ignore is stories like these that make rather serious, unfounded allegations. This is the same outlet that falsely claimed Katy Perry said pedophiles “control” the music industry, in addition to wrongly alleging Robert Downey Jr. was speaking out about a “Hollywood pedophile ring.”

Neon Nettle seems to have a disturbing obsession with linking top stars to the subject of pedophilia, but the stories are trash, and this piece on Swift is just the latest disconcerting example. And when this fake news is being distributed to half a million people on Facebook alone, it’s just too problematic for Gossip Cop to ignore.

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