Taylor Swift “All About Partying” Claim Is False

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Taylor Swift Partying

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Partying

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Taylor Swift is not becoming “all about partying,” despite a report falsely claiming she’s looking to change her persona with help from Cara Delevingne. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

In a purported “exclusive,” OK! blares on its website, “‘All About Partying!’ Find Out The Shocking Reason Why Taylor Swift Is Using Cara Delevinge.” Yes, Delevingne’s last name is misspelled both in the headline and the accompanying story. The article begins, “Taylor Swift is looking for a change! According to an source, the ‘Bad Blood’ singer is hoping that her close pal, Cara Delevinge, can spice up her life!”

“She’s bored and looking for a new challenge, starting with her social life,” a so-called “insider” claims to the tabloid. “As much as she loves the girls in her squad, Taylor’s not so close with the likes of Karlie [Kloss] or Selena [Gomez] these days, which is why she’s been hanging with Cara as well as cleaner-living pals like Blake Lively.”

The magazine goes on, “And that is where Cara comes in! The insider explained that the supermodel turned actress link is ‘all about partying and letting loose.'” The supposed source further alleges that Swift wants to “go clubbing and meet some hot guys as well as some of Cara’s hip fashionistas.”

But the incorrect spelling of Delevingne’s last name isn’t the only problem with this story. For starters, Swift obviously isn’t hanging out with Gomez right now as the singer-actress has been in Tennessee focusing on her health. As for Kloss, she and Swift have stepped out together a number of times recently, including this past weekend.

Furthermore, Swift isn’t all of a sudden spending time with Delevingne. The two have been close for a long time now, and Swift has plenty of “fashionista” friends independent of the model. Most importantly, though, is that the songstress isn’t turning into a party girl.

While the superstar likes a night out just as much as the next person, she’s still the same down-home individual who craves nights in with her cats as cookies bake in the oven. There’s nothing wrong with staying home and there’s nothing wrong with going out. Swift has found a balance that works for her. The notion that she’s “all about partying” now is made up.

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