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Taylor Swift was not "shading" Kim Kardashian when she posted a song lyric about being a "narcissist," despite a purely speculative claim. Looking closely at the context of Swift's Instagram post, it's clear it has nothing to do with Kardashian at all. Gossip Cop can explain.

On Monday, Kardashian posted an old Instagram photo of herself at the art exhibit for Kanye West's controversial song "Famous." As Swift fans no doubt recall, this exhibit featured life-like mannequins of Kardashian, West, Swift and others all naked. The reality star wrote simply in the caption, "famous." Believing she was taking a jab at Swift and trying to revive their feud, Swift fans reacted to Kardashian's post by spamming the comments section with rat emojis.

Now Perez Hilton is suggesting Swift has fired back at Kardashian on her own Instagram page. The blogger writes, "Obvi we know Kim Kardashian West was taking a swipe... Whether she was focused on reigniting her feud or just admiring her hubby's work, that vid is an obvious sore spot between the two stars, and bringing it up is no way to make nice. But did Tay respond with shade of her own?"

The story goes on, "Within an HOUR of Kim's post, Taylor began posting a series of pics from her new Vogue spread, along with her own song lyrics. The third one she posted was from 'I Did Something Bad.' She wrote: 'I never trust a narcissist.'" Hilton then wonders, "Hmm. Is it a reference to her old nemesis? Or is she just benignly celebrating a successful photo shoot as in these other posts?"

It was clearly the latter. Swift started off by posting the new cover of British Vogue, which she graces. A few hours later, she posted two images from the magazine's cover shoot, and used song lyrics from her album as the captions. Contrary to the assertion that "within an HOUR of Kim's post," Swift used the "narcissist" line, she actually didn't make that post until Tuesday. Just like the ones that came before it, it was an image from the photo shoot with a song lyric. It was immediately followed by another picture and another song lyric.

What's the message here? Quite simply, Swift was sharing her latest professional photos and combining them with her latest lyrical writing. It's pretty straight-forward. Yet Hilton wants readers to believe that just one was done not to show off her pictures and lyrics, but specifically to attack Kardashian. Nevermind that the rest of the lyrics quite obviously have nothing to do with the "KUWTK" star. The one Swift shared right after the "narcissist" post states, "There's glitter on the floor after the party." That comes from the song "New Year's Day," which is believed to be about Joe Alwyn.

And far from targeting Kardashian with the other song, "I Did Something Bad" is actually believed to be about Calvin Harris. What's more is that in recounting Swift's post, Hilton didn't even share the full caption. It doesn't just state, "I never trust a narcissist." It actually continues, as the lyric does, "But they love me." Why would Swift be saying Kardashian loves her?

At the end of the brief article, Hilton acknowledges Swift's other posts, and writes, "Hmm. These seem totally innocuous. Maybe it was just a coincidence that she posted something so often used as an insult toward Kim K." Sure, some over the years have deemed Kardashian narcissistic, but Swift never has. So, yes, it would just be a coincidence.

Given the context in which the singer shared the line, as part of a series of posts with photos and song lyrics, it's rather ridiculous to assume just that one is some kind of response to Kardashian when the others aren't. Swift was merely promoting her latest projects, not continuing a social media war. And she's made this much clear over the years: When she's actually talking about someone, you'll know.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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