Taylor Swift Did NOT Say “No” To Tom Hiddleston Proposal, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift No Tom Hiddleston Proposal

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift No Tom Hiddleston Proposal

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Taylor Swift did not say “no” to a supposed proposal from Tom Hiddleston, despite a report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim.

On Wednesday, In Touch alleged in its magazine and on its website that Swift now has “cold feet.” As seen at right, the online version is headlined, “Taylor Swift Says ‘No’ To Tom Hiddleston’s Marriage Proposal.” It’s specifically said, “After accidentally finding a diamond ring in the Thor actor’s drawer, the singer is now hesitant to accept his hand in marriage.”

“She feels bad because she’s the one who originally told Tom she wanted to get married, but now she isn’t sure what she wants,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. “She ruined the whole surprise, which left Tom upset for obvious reasons. But he was also crushed that she was telling him she wanted to wait.”

The supposed snitch goes on to claim, “He gave her an ultimatum about getting engaged. She’s now telling everyone she’s made a ‘decision to make a decision’ by the end of August. She knows she either has to get engaged or leave Tom.” But none of this is true.

While Swift and Hiddleston’s relationship may not last, an “ultimatum” has nothing to do with it. Swift was never pressuring Hiddleston to propose, as Gossip Cop has already busted. And we’re now told there’s been no engagement ring and proposal drama like In Touch is claiming.

A reliable contact close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the piece was “made up.” Hiddleston even called out such untruths recently, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “Sometimes there are a lot of stories out there which are false.” This new tabloid report is one of them.


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