Taylor Swift Called “Nazi Barbie” By Camille Paglia

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Taylor Swift Nazi Barbie

By Andrew Shuster |

Taylor Swift Nazi Barbie

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Camille Paglia, a cultural critic whose well known for her opinions about feminism, called Taylor Swift a “Nazi Barbie” and also bashed the idea of a “Girl Squad” in an editorial piece published on Thursday.

In her article for the Hollywood Reporter, Paglia argues that the group dynamic of Swift and her bevvy of attractive gal pals doesn’t empower women, but instead represents elitism. “Girl squads can help women advance if they avoid presenting a silly, regressive public image,” writes Paglia. She then notes the “tongues-out mugging of Swift’s bear-hugging posse,” adding, “Swift herself should retire that obnoxious Nazi Barbie routine of wheeling out friends and celebrities as performance props.”

Paglia goes on to assert that girl squad’s serve more to exclude women who aren’t members, as opposed to uniting the females of the group. “If many women feel lonely or overwhelmed these days, it’s not due to male malice,” Paglia says. “Women have lost the natural solidarity and companionship.”

Following Paglia’s lengthy diatribe, she goes on to note at the bottom of her piece, “Writing about Taylor Swift is a horrific ordeal.” The columnist claims Swift’s “twinkly persona is such a scary flashback to the fascist blondes who ruled the social scene during my youth.” Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Paglia’s attack on Swift and girl squads.


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