Taylor Swift Naked In Kanye West “Famous” Video: Fans Slam Rapper

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Taylor Swift Naked Kanye West Video

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Naked Kanye West Video

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Taylor Swift fans are slamming Kanye West for depicting the singer naked in his new “Famous” music video.

As Gossip Cop has reported, the clip premiered on Friday during a screening event West held in Los Angeles. Along with Swift, West, and his wife Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush were all seen naked and lying in bed together. The concept was a tribute to the famous “Sleep” painting by Vincent Desiderio.

It seems highly unlikely a few of those people gave their consent to be depicted nude in the visual, particularly Swift, who had a falling out with West over the song’s lyrics, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that bitch famous.” Gossip Cop reached out to a rep for Swift to find out if she was aware of her presence in the video, but we have not yet heard back.

Fans, however, are already expressing their disapproval. @MacaroniDeMarco tweeted, “Kanye’s fixation on Taylor swift is disturbing.” @outlawqueeen expressed, “Kanye is rotten, Idk about his voice skills but his behavior is offensive not only to Taylor but also to women, I’m disgusted by this video.” And @drUnkONTaYtAy posted,”The video Kanye posted is disgusting and degrading and he’s trash and I really hope Taylor does something about it.”

“Sick and disgusting. I can not believe the things that Kanye West will do to get attention. #FAMOUS Oh, and Taylor made Taylor famous,” wrote @RowbrinaSwift13. @itsjaylunzaga similarly said, “Taylor Swift made herself famous not you Kanye.” @thisickbeat also remarked, “I hope Taylor sues kanye so hard that the next song he’ll write is about how he made that bitch 10 times richer.”

Still, some others thought there was an overreaction to Swift’s sculpture, given some of the other wax figures featured. @pirateslarry pointed out, “Everyone’s talking about Kanye putting Taylor in his disgusting music video but I haven’t seen anyone talking about Rihanna & her abuser???” @maddybrindley commented, “Awful that Kanye’s put Taylor in there..but Bill Cosby aka a rapist??? Rihanna lying next to her abuser??? Disgusting.”

And @momoszn_ asked, “There were a bunch of other people in that video yet somehow Taylor is the only ‘victim’ of Kanye’s disgusting actions???” Swift and West are pictured above in early 2015, during one of the brief periods of peace in their years-long feud.


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