Taylor Swift Surrounds Herself With Models To Boost Own Attractiveness?

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Taylor Swift models

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift models

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Taylor Swift doesn’t surround herself with models and other attractive friends to “boost her beauty cred,” despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively shoot down this ugly claim. We’re told it’s simply “false.”

According to the often disproven OK!, “It’s no accident that all the members of Taylor’s girl squad are gorgeous.” The tabloid goes on to claim, “The chart topper is against being seen with anyone who isn’t a perfect 10,” before adding that she’s made a “few charitable exceptions.” The magazine then names two women in Swift’s squad who fall short of her “perfect 10” requirement, but notes the ladies’ “talent earns them a pass.”

The publication quotes a so-called “assistant” as saying, “It’s an insecurity thing.” “Taylor wasn’t cool as a kid, so now she wants to surround herself with models, to boost her own beauty cred. But she still makes sure that she’s front and center,” continues the seemingly fabricated “assistant.”

Gossip Cop had a hard time believing this report even before we fact-checked it. For starters, how would a supposed “assistant” have insight into Swift’s childhood? And is the possibly concocted “assistant” also a psychiatrist, who could venture as to the deeper reason for the singer’s alleged motivation for hanging out with models and equally pretty people?

Of course, the tabloid tries to cover itself by throwing out the names of two women who it cruelly says are not attractive but have “talent.” But the real answer here why so many of Swift’s friends are good looking is because she’s in the entertainment industry and a disproportionate number of individuals are attractive in show business. The same can be said of Jennifer Aniston and Matthew McConaughey’s pals, for examples.

Anyway, Gossip Cop still investigated this claim, and an impeccable source assures us it’s entirely “false.” Naturally, this is hardly the first time OK! has been wrong about Swift. Last year, Gossip Cop exclusively corrected the magazine’s cover story that falsely alleged Swift and Harris were about to get married and have a baby. More recently, we busted the tabloid for its untrue assertion that Swift’s relationship with Tom Hiddleston was fake.

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Taylor Swift surrounds herself with models to boost her own attractiveness.

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