Taylor Swift Mocks Us Weekly, OK! Magazine With Parody Tabloids

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Taylor Swift Tabloids

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Taylor Swift Tabloids

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Taylor Swift is using her new album, Reputation, to mock the tabloids. Specifically, she’s cleverly calling out Us Weekly and OK!.

Swift teamed up with Target for an exclusive CD-magazine combo pack to celebrate her new record, which marks the superstar’s first since 1989 was released in 2014. To go with the music, the singer created two special edition magazines that feature never-before-seen photos, paintings, lyrics and poetry. And while the front covers of these publications show the title Reputation along with a photo of Swift and descriptions of what’s inside the issues, the back pages of each are parodies of Us Weekly and OK!.

As Swift herself revealed on Wednesday, two days before the magazines go on sale, one of the spoof covers is titled “TS!!” The logo matches that of OK! UK,  and the teaser lines mimic the dramatic writing often used by the tabloid and its ilk. “Handwritten Lyrics Reveal The Truth,” the faux cover touts, along with “Taylor Drama: Her Personal Photos Exposed” and more. In fact, the line “Why She Disappeared” is a direct nod to an Us Weekly cover from May, in which the outlet claimed to know why Swift “went into hiding” and how she was “planning a big comeback.” That’s not the only reference to Us Weekly.

The other back page spoof has a “TS Swiftly” logo,” which is a play off the design featured on Us Weekly covers. Like the other version, this one also has tabloid-teasers, such as “World Exclusive” and “Taylor Shocker!” There’s also an allusion to an OK! cover story from last year. On the front of a November issue, the publication blared, “Taylor Shocker! Pregnant! Who’s The Dad?” Gossip Cop exclusively busted that fabrication at the time, and now Swift is poking fun at the lie not just with the “Taylor Shocker” line, but also another that amusingly states, “Who Is Olivia’s Real Father?”

Olivia, of course, is Swift’s cat. The songstress’ other feline gets a tabloid-inspired shout-out, too, with the “TS!!” cover exclaiming, “Catitude! Meredith Is Out Of Control!” Swift joked to fans on Twitter, “On Friday you can get your hands on this quality reading material.” Gossip Cop ventures it’s better than spending money on actual tabloids. Check out the original covers and Swift’s recreations below!

Taylor Swift Us Weekly OK Covers

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