Taylor Swift Did NOT “Beg” Meghan Markle To Be “BFF,” Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Meghan Markle Friends

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Meghan Markle Friends

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Taylor Swift did NOT “beg” Meghan Markle to be her new “BFF,” despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story. We’re told it’s totally made up.

OK! announces on its website, “Desperate Taylor Swift Begs Meghan Markle To Be Her BFF After Girl Squad Crumbles.” According to the tabloid, the superstar is “working on rebuilding her squad,” and will “try ANYTHING to make her clique cool again.” That supposedly means reaching out to Markle.

A so-called “insider” alleges Swift’s camp is trying to arrange a “girly lunch.” Contends the magazine’s snitch, ” Taylor’s determined to include her in her inner circle and is willing to fly to Canada to meet up with her if necessary.” It’s even said that “befriending Meghan” is now Swift’s “top priority.”

Without providing any evidence, the gossip magazine says Swift’s squad is “depleted,” and that’s why she’s turning to Markle. “Taylor’s always wanted to crack the aristocratic set and is trying to reconnect with Ed Sheeran, who’s in with the Royal Family,” adds the publication’s alleged tipster.

But if OK! knew anything at all, it would know Swift doesn’t need to “reconnect” with Sheeran because they remain close and their friendship is strong to this day. And just because the singer isn’t stepping out regularly right now with pals, instead choosing to lay low and live a more private life, doesn’t mean her squad has “crumbled.” The tabloid is just making an assumption, and a wrong one at that.

It’s also laughable that readers are supposed to believe the magazine has any insight into Swift or Markle. Last fall, the outlet actually claimed in a cover story that Swift was pregnant. And earlier this year there was a cover story alleging Markle was engaged to Prince Harry. Guess what? No pregnancy and no engagement.

So you’ll have to excuse Gossip Cop for viewing this latest piece with extreme suspicion. Now our doubts have been confirmed. Gossip Cop is exclusively told this tale about Swift courting Markle to be her BFF is nothing but “made-up nonsense.”

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