Taylor Swift Meets Baby Girl Who “Danced” To Her Music In The Womb (PHOTOS)

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Taylor Swift Baby GIrl Jencita Vargas Photos

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Baby GIrl Jencita Vargas Photos


Taylor Swift bonded with an adorable baby girl backstage at a recent concert, nearly a year after the then-unborn child “danced” to the superstar’s music in the womb. Check out the photos below!

Last November, Swift was blown away when a pregnant woman named Jencita Vargas posted a video of how her baby bump moved when listening to the singer’s music. “YOU GUYS JENCITA’S UNBORN BABY IS DANCING TO BLANK SPACE IN THIS VIDEO AND I CANNOT CALM DOWN ABOUT IT,” Swift excitedly tweeted after seeing the viral clip. Vargas gave birth to a healthy, beautiful girl named Madison Emery a couple of months later.

Vargas took her 9-month-old infant to Swift’s concert on Saturday at San Diego’s Petco Park, the fifth “1989 World Tour” show they went to (all with the appropriate headphones to protect her delicate ears). But this time, mom and daughter had woon tickets that came with a backstage tour. And the person giving the tour was none other than Swift’s own mother, Andrea.

Given how devoted Swift’s family is to her career and fans, just like the star herself, it was no surprise that Andrea recognized Vargas. But the super-fan was blown away when Andrea offered to bring Vargas to Swift’s dressing room so she could meet little Madison. Vargas documented the experience on Tumblr, where she writes blog posts for her daughter to read when she’s older.

“Let me just tell you, it was a surreal experience. We walked in, and we were inside Taylor’s dressing room. I was expecting to look and maybe see her seated across the way and walk towards her, but she just appeared, magically dressed in a white fluffy robe like she was lounging in heaven. I asked if I could put you on the floor (to crawl around) and she said I could,” recalls Vargas.

Vargas goes on to remember, “Miss Taylor was so sweet and kind, going on about how cute you are. I showed her your TS 1989 headband, which she loved… Miss Taylor said she couldn’t believe that I had a baby and that I’m the tiniest human! ‘It’s Inspiring!’ haha :) So Taylor Swift thinks I’m inspiring! I’m gonna just take that and run!”

The group ultimately posed for photos, with Swift predicting Vargas and Madison would have a great relationship like she does with Andrea. “It was all so wonderful and I couldn’t be more thankful to Miss Taylor and her family and team for loving you so much,” Vargas writes to her daughter. “You bring so much joy into other people’s lives and I can’t wait to see how you grow up and continue that! Thank you for being such a blessing to everyone’s lives, including mine! I love you baby girl!!” All together now: AWWWW!



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