Taylor Swift: Man Taken Into Custody Outside Singer’s New York City Home

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Taylor Swift Man Arrested New York Home

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Man Arrested New York Home

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A man was taken into custody outside Taylor Swift’s New York City home on Tuesday night, Gossip Cop confirms. Despite reports, he was NOT arrested, but removed from the area via ambulance out of concern for his mental health.

The incident occurred around 6 p.m., with the unidentified suspect showing up on Swift’s Manhattan doorstep. He was stopped by security, and after a 911 call, both the New York Police Department and New York Fire Department arrived on the scene. The man was detained with handcuffs, and a duffle bag he had with him was searched.

But with concerns for his mental state, he was taken to a hospital in an ambulance for a health evaluation, instead of to the local police station to be booked. It’s unclear at this point if he will be charged with a crime, but a law enforcement source who spoke to Gossip Cop did not anticipate a formal arrest. Swift was not home at the time.

Still, the scary situation is all too familiar for the superstar. As Gossip Cop reported, in early February, a man was detained by cops outside Swift’s Beverly Hills home, and a different individual was removed by police from the same property just days later. After the first time, the singer’s rep said in a statement, “This is why it’s irresponsible for the media to publish the addresses or recent real estate transactions of celebrities.”

And, unfortunately, there have been other such incidents with Swift’s residences over the years. Gossip Cop has reached out for more information on this latest unwanted event.


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